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General Discussion / novagun and the drought
« on: December 08, 2018, 07:55:03 PM »
Know what you mean Hugh,but as only a few us seem to post,its bit hard for a few to keep things
 interesting,as we only have so many projects going between us to talk bout,I been on firearms projects
 more than airguns lately and not really interested in posting these and rest just maintainence and repairs to
 guns not my own,not very interesting stuff to post.
 cheers mike

General Airgun Discussion / bulk filling co2 airguns
« on: December 02, 2018, 10:54:19 AM »
Tired politics so time for something completly unrelated to politics,some time ago I made up some bulk
 fill co2 cylanders for the Gamo G1200 and co2 extreme rifles i use controlling pest birds in warehouses
 etc,I had some major issuses get effective seals in fill valves,due to I found out using the wrong
 material for the seals,Having no finally resolved the seal ussues,the fill valves are now working and sealing
 as should do.Chronoing both guns brought up some interesting things,now having 36 grams of liquid
 co2 in a rifle that nornally used 12 gram disposibles,completly changed how this rifle performs,40 full power
 shots was normal from 12 grams,was expecting to get approx 120 shots from 36 grams being three times
 the previous capacity,that turned out to right,but it completly change how rifle performed,right from first
 shot and for 120 shots velocity stayed within the usual 535/545fps it normaly gave for approx 35 shots
 and didnt drop off until all the liquid co2 had run out,pretty pleased with that,as normally on 12 gram
 disposibles velocity started to drop of bout 30 shots,dont understand exactly how pressures work with
 small co2 sources but assume it got to do with amount of liquid in cylander to some degree,
 What became obvious to me was the larger amount liquid in 36 gram cylander seemed keep pressures
 more constistent and didnt really change until all the liquid was gone,then velocitys dropped pretty much
 instantly,rather than slowly as with 12 gram over the last 10/12 shots etc.
 Wasnt chasing extra power in either rifle just better economy,but end result being the accuracy has got
 significantly better and so good in first place,interesting if nothing else and got nothing do with politics
 which is like kicking a dead horse ,that kicking isnt going to change the fact its dead eh!!
 Mintie you the co2 man thought this may interest you,as bulk filling seems have other advantages than
 economy that i wasnt aware of.
 cheers mike

General Airgun Discussion / Pellets
« on: December 01, 2018, 09:39:26 AM »
Now I have my bulk filled co2 pest shooting rifles back on line,i needed more the specific pellets I use in
 them having allmost run out of these cheap locally made Diana/Kilwel branded pellets both rifles give the
 best accuracy with and being the only pellets one rifle will feed tru its shuttle feed system,but couldnt get
 any locally,so found a rather expenisive alternative that worked thru the fussy rifle,but damned things just
 wounldnt hold a group.both these rifles pretty accurate with the other pellets capable of keeping 5 shots
 into approx 25 cal hole at 15/18 yards,new expenisive pellets which measured exactly the same on heads
 and skirts couldnt keep 5 shots inside 1 inch at same distances,so were bloody useless to me,so now got
 allmost 500 of shotgun pellets,trouble is I dont own a shotgun eh!!Just goes to show that price dosnt
 allways mean better I guess.
 Started using these cheap localy nz made pellets years ago simply coz were cheap readily acailable in co2
 plinking pistols as we went thru so many pellets,but was surprised just how well made they are for weight
 diameters etc so tryed them out in accurate rifles and found they shot extremely well,and been using
 them in sub 12fpe rifles ever since,Ron young told me while back the machinery used to make these
 pellets had been sold to Aussie company and was being taken to Aussie,probly why finding it hard to find
 these pellets now,which is totally pissing me off,just one more nz company been taken over by an over
 seas company and shut down locally.
 Getting hard to find nz made things of any sort today as every thing good made localy seems to end up
 being made off shore these days,and they wonder where all our jobs go eh!!
 cheers mike

General Airgun Discussion / Hugh,re hammer bounce on GTA
« on: November 25, 2018, 01:47:30 PM »
Very interesting,member GTA but havnt visited in some time,good to see these same guys still up to their
 interesting experiments,like the concept for guns with internal sliding type hammers,rather clever and well
 thought out as usual for this bunch guys,they often come up with some interesting stuff.
 But at end the day many these guys still playing around with very bassic old crosman designed co2 guns
 adapted to hpa,trying to make silk purses out pigs ears when really comes down to it, not that i am
 giving them hard time for doing so,coz certainly very good at what they do,and very interesting to follow
 The truth of it is its guys like these who developed many the crosman guns now in production that
 crosman bassically just copied and call there own,and gave no credit to those who actually developed
 these guns crosman now produces,got to respect guys like these as they a very inovative bunch for sure.
 I agree with them entirely about friction type so called anti bounce systems,they next to useless,they allso
 right about using their system on co2 guns,every highly modified co2 2240 i made had hammer bounce
 and wasted proberly as much co2 as they put behind a pellet for every shot,which is why they had low
 shot counts eh!!most are the same.
 So good read Hugh,thanx for the heads up,learnt something usefull for the day,and thats allways a bonus
 eh!!GTA still the best forum to learn things as there so pretty clever tinkers on there.
 These days i am more into exploring new ideas for pcp airguns than just messing around modifying guns
 its just more interesting to me,pcp hunting pistols more my thing these days,simply coz most we can buy
 today are bassically just sawn off rifles minus the buttstocks,are under powered inefficent,and mostly
 just plain ugly too,every thing i hate and dont want in a pistol.pcp hunting pistols as they are today are
 for the most just crap as is to be expected from sawn off rifles minus buttstocks eh!!
 Would certainly recommend others read this GTA thread,its very informative.
 cheers mike

General Airgun Discussion / precharged hunting pistols
« on: November 25, 2018, 09:40:19 AM »
what is considered to be a pcp hunting pistol???what is even considered to be a pcp pistol today???Facts
 are no airgun manufacturer actually makes a properly designed pcp hunting pistol,what they do make are
 a serries of very short carbines minus their buttstocks,bassiaclly cut down versions of certain rifles they
 make,these are in real terms just sawn off rifles,not actually proper handguns as they were never
 origionally designed as handguns,popular guns like the PROD and others simialler to it are marketed as
 pistol carbines,but that is not what these guns actually are,they are actually short carbines with detactable
 buttstocks,which dosnt make them a pistol,just fitting some form of pistol grip on this type of gun,dosnt
 make it a pistol,its still what it began as,a full size rifle reduced it.s minimum size without its buttstock.
 As these guns are made from full sized rifles that were never designed to cut down in this way,parts like
 breechs/mags etc were designed for rifles,not pistols so are overly large and bulky for a pistol,mags often
 protrude out top and side of breechs,making it allmost impossible to fit open sights,so need optical sights
 just to usable a pistol,putting the sights so high above the barrel they make the gun top heavy and very
 bulky etc,pistols by defination should be as compact /light weight and easy to use as possible,which none
 these type of guns are,What is the point in a gun to be used as a pistol that needs optical sights a steady
 rest just to hold it up so you can actual keep it steady enuf to even able to see thru the sights eh!!!
 I dont denie some may have a use for this type of short buttless carbine,but are they truely practical
 hunting pistols???In my expreience NO.
 Truth is they can only sell this crap as pistols simply because there is nothing else available and why
 would a manufacture whos in busseness to make money even bother to come up with anything better
 when they have a capitive market allready buying there crap guns any way.
 Dispite all the inovation,new technolgy developed for rifles in recent years,none of it has been applied to
 develope better pcp hunting pistols,they remain the most bassic even primitive form of pcp air and dont s
 started out at 20 years ago and dont seem likely to improve any time soon either.
 The only ones who seem to understand what a good pcp pistol should and can be are the Russians and
 we cant seem get the Russian guns here these days anyway.
 This is exactly why i started designing and eventually building my own pcp hunting pistols,there is
 absolutly no technical or practical reasons why properly designed and built pcp much better pcp hunting
 pistols cant be developed,if these manufacturers can design and build suppurb pcp target pistols they
 cant do the same for hunting pistols as well but choose not to.
 There is allso absolutly no justification for many pcp airguns to be as expensive as they are today,all are
 produced on hi speed cnc or injection moulding machines spitting out precission componants at hi speed
 and in large numbers,just like toasters,and for low production costs,these are like firearms produced for
 little actual costs in materials or labour,simply coz there is no money in making guns in small volumes,
 they have to be mass produced to make money,I know from buying many firearms and airguns from
 overseas suppliers what they can be sourced for and the freight and taxs involved what the costs can be
 I am not getting at dealers here,they have make a living too,but some sure know how to make one hell
 a good living,going on their prices,Ron not one those either,totally straight up guy and great to deal with
 cheers mike

General Airgun Discussion / bitch for the day
« on: November 24, 2018, 09:39:08 AM »
Why is it that many hi powered pcp guns capable of using longer and heavier pellets effectivly come with
 mags too bloody short to handle anything but standard length pellets????Most 22 cal mags simpily wont
 take handy pellets like polymag preditors,i know they now make a shorter preditor pellet,but thats not the
 point i am raising here,the origional longer pellet which in my humble opinion is the better pellet due to its
 longer length and i believe is allso heavier,correct me if am wrong about the weight as havnt used the
 shorter pellets.What is so hard about designing decent mags capable of handling any length pellet for the
 caliber,particulally for higher performance guns most us using today,they still making the same mags they
 made years ago for 12fpe guns and sticking them in the more powerful guns just as they did years ago
 when it didnt matter,only a small thing and proberly dosnt matter to some,but i cant be the only one who
 has this issuse with mags or am i just being too picky,but it just annoys the hell outa me that my guns
 cant in some cases be used to their full potentual coz bloody mags cant use the pellets to allow them to
 be used to full potentual,i have modified all my air arms mags so can use preditor pellets,but cant do the
 same with my bsa mags and others i have.
 Just my bitch for the day lol.
 cheers mike

General Airgun Discussion / airgun clubs
« on: November 17, 2018, 04:35:58 PM »
Well finally tracked down my local airgun club,and will soon be a member,been long time coming,but am
 looking forward to it,just great to hang out with other aigun enthusists and get bit shooting in thats not
 hunting or pest shooting related for a change,good to meet new people to,spend too much time just doing
 my own thing these days,as club shooting very different to what i normally do with airguns,proberly guna
 have to buy or build new guns more suitable for club shooting ,guna hate that eh!!Not a big club only 15/17
 active members but all good people and seem enjoy themselves and i guess thats all that matters so i will
 fit right in i hope.
 Have been a bit critical bout club shooting in nz in previous posts particually FT because of what have seen
 at certain shoots etc.but will wait n see how that one pans out with this small club before i decide wether
 FT interests me enuf to want shoot it.
 So big change for me to once again belong to a shooting related club,but am looking forward to it and
 thats all good. cheers mike

Politics and Law / novas comments in shout box re changes ti arms act
« on: November 17, 2018, 04:14:49 PM »
bound to happen with new government,labour usually more likely to listen to nz police gripes on gun laws
 than nats,the politions bassically wiped their hands on gun laws a while ago and gave police the ablity to
 interperte the law whatever way suited them an apply those interperations any way they saw fit with no
 over sight from government,unfortunatly there is an element high up in our police who dont want civllians
 to own guns of any type,and think only the police should have access to guns,it has long been the agenda
 of these people to remove all guns from civillians hands by whatever means they could do so,as our
 pollys dont really care about this issuse and gun owners dont reppresent a large enuf voting block to
 affect elections,they simplily dont care what or how nz police interperate and administer the gun laws.
 the way the law is set up now,police can and are trying very hard to bring in what amounts to a very
 dodgy gun ban,by totally banning most types of airguns thru simplily refusing to issuse import permts,they
 are trying to do a simialler thing with certain types of firearms as well,simplily by refusing to issuse import permits to firearms dealers as well,this dispite the fact all these airguns and firearms are legal to
 own in this is gun control thru the back door.There is a long history behind this latest ploy by
 nz police going back to the 1980s when they started using the media thru programs like police 10/7 to
 make public believe this country was awash with illegal handguns and military weapons,when they knew
 the opposite was true,they have made it so a large proportion of public now believes as do many police
 officers that evan toy soft airguns are leathal weapons so are just as dangerous as firearms,fact is nz
 police by this means have actually enabled idiots with toy guns to commit all sorts armed crime with toy
 guns,fact is the rash of this type crime can be laid right back on nz police because of their long running
 propaganda media compane,so if anyone thinks thats guna change or get better in any future law
 changes where the police will dictate those changes due to the requirment for public consultion having
 now removed from all future gun law changes by parliment,they got be living in LA LA land,you can now
 garrentee that any future changes to these laws wont be foe gun owners benifit this time around.
 cheers mike

General Airgun Discussion / swelling seals
« on: November 16, 2018, 08:51:46 AM »
A while back i purchased some paintball co2/hpa fill nipples with one way fill vale in them,simplily because
 couldnt be bothered making them,the intention being to replace fill valves in couple my bulk filled co2
 rifles that had been playing up,everything fitted and seem to work fine,filled just fine,no leaks etc,refilled
 one rifle yesterday,worked fine,as had done several times previously,took the usual 36 grams co2,weighed
 rifle to check as allways do,this morning just out of curiousty weighed rifle again,over night had lost 30 grams of co2,as had not lost any co2 previously,something had be wrong,emptyed gun and removed valve
 seal had swelled up to twice normal size,found cause the leak for sure,as seals supposed be for co2,they
 should not have swollen as they did,so am at bit of a lose as to why they did.
 Anyone got any suggestions on WTF going on here as i tryed some other seals have used on co2 before
 with no issuses and got same result,something bit strange going on here,cant be the co2 am using coz
 been using this lot for some time with no issuses n co2 just co2 usually behaves the same no matter the
 source it comes from so doubt its some how been containated.
 Have to wonder if the seat size is too large and letting presure force seal out to fit the larger size seat
 seals once expanded dont shrink back again to orgional size when they warm up again,any suggestions
 as to whats going on here would be very appreciated as would like to be able to use this rifle by
 tomorrow having recently finally decided to join local airgun club,got steel plate speed shoot tomorrow
 and this rifle perfect for that type shooting.
 cheers mike

General Discussion / home invasion
« on: November 14, 2018, 07:03:34 AM »
Some may remember a while back i mentioned we have bit of a feral cat problem,well just bit nasty last
 night,we have been having issuses with very large black n white tom cat for some time,attacking and killing
 our free range chooks,had even snuck into the chook house in day light killed one n scappered with it off
 into the bush beside the house,to enjoy some take away chicken in peace,been getting real checky last few
 days,dispite our large tom cat beating him up several times lately,been sneaking around close to the house
 never been able to get clean safe shot at him,just too quick,noticed one back bed room insect sceenes
 was hanging loose yesterday arvo,thought wind must have some how blown it off,11 oclock last nite all
 hell broke loose inside the house,massive cat brawl going on,in back bed room,continued thru lounge and
 ended up getting real nasty in back porch,my cat got the bugga bailed up in corner,its hanging off half
 way up the door insect screen,sqealing like its nuts in the vice,which they kind oif were as my bid tom was
 hanging off his nuts,obviously could use fire arm inside in this situation,cats trapped cant go any where
 coz no where left to go,and now his trapped i not guna let him go either,we keep large heavy steel
 headed golf club beside door in that porch,grabbed that,waited til my cat let go n backed off,then clocked
 the bugga on the noggin a real beauty,out like a light,so biffed him couple more,one very large dead feral
 cat,my cat promptly pounced on again and poceeded to really scuff ,fur flying every where for several
 minutes til my cat finally figured out it dead,sat down keeping eye on it with evil grin on his face.
 What a mess,blood every where and one very dead large feral cat,wasnt how i had expected this fellow to
 end his wild ways thats for sure,but i now know just how well a golf club works when it been repurposed
 after being retired from golf eh!!i certainly would not wanted to be hit with one.
 cheers mike

General Discussion / novagun
« on: November 09, 2018, 05:57:24 PM »
wont put mail address up,believe you now have my fone numbers,giv me call and will give you email
 cheers mike

Modifications / hammer bounce
« on: November 09, 2018, 08:46:24 AM »
As many co2 and pcp shooters will know hammer bounce plays a significant part in how efficiently these
 types guns use co2 and hpa,preventing or elliminating hammer bounce will very significantly improve
 shot counts in these types of airguns by preventing hammer bounce caused by the valve stem hitting the
 hammer with some force as valve slams shut after the gun is discharged forcing hammer back against
 the spring pressure,often forcing hammer back qiute some distance under spring pressure,obviously the
 spring will force the hammer foward again hitting valve stem and opening valve again to some degree,
 and this will continue until the amout of hammer inertia has reduced until it can no longer be strong enough
 to open valve at all.
 the effects of this being that every time valve opens this small and reducing amount,co2/hpa is vented
 thru valve,so wasting small amounts co2/hpa every time it happens.all this happens in a milli second.
 bassically what this effect is,is an inertia effect caused by recipicating moving parts interacting with each
 other,that continues until there is not enough energy left for it to continue to do so.
 the only way to prevent this happening is to prevent the hammer from recontacting the valve stem after
 the gun has discharged.
 some pcps like daystates use what is called a sling shot hammer.this is a two part hammer,with an outer
 sleeve cantaining a floating piston bassically thats held back from hammer face under spring pressure
 and cant actually touch valve stem when gun is uncocked,but whem hammer slams forward,the outer
 sleeve hits a stop and dosnt hit valve stem,inertia causes the internal piston to continue foward until it
 it hits valve stem and opens valve etc,and immediatly in theory retracts under its own spring pressure
 to the rear of valve stem,this sort of works in that it dose reduce hammer bounce to some degree,but
 relys on every thing being balanced exactly right as far as piston spring pressure goes,quite tricky to get
 right.There is another way of preventing the hammer from contacting valve stem after discharge that
 works evan better,but have never seen used,this is to put an interrupter device in trigger mechanism,
 that works very simialer to the trigger diconnecter used in semi auto fire arms,a disconnecter very simply
 catchs and holds the hammer in full cock mode independant from trigger,even if trigger is still in the
 rearward postion from firing the gun,the hammer is held in full cocked position,trigger rengages the the
 full cock notch when released for next shot,this same method can be applied to an airgun hammer,
 catching hammer when valve slams shut forcing hammer rewards if a secondry notch is cut in hammer
 for disconnecter to catch as hammer moves forward again under its spring pressure,preventing it hitting
 valve stem again,and holding hammer in that postion until hammer is cocked again.
 As some will know i am building a pcp revolver,that has the normal swinging type revolver hammer,this
 is qiute a heavy hammer with strong coil spring,but due to how the mechanics were engineered its very
 easy to cock,requiring very little effort to do so,there fore very sussceptable to hammer bounce,some
 thing i wanted to avoid at all costs,this hammer has a haf cock notch that holds hammer just off the
 valve stem when uncocked,to prevent valve stem from forcing hammer back and giving gun quite
 severe hammer bounce,i needed to catch and hold hammer in half cock notch after valve stem had forced  it back when valve closed,preventing it from contacting valve stem once again etc.
 solution eas to fit a spring loaded fly type disconnecter into the half cock notch,this protrudes out past
 the notch just enough to catch hammer when trigger is still in rearward firing postion,when trigger is
 released to recock gun,the triger sear renages the notch,pushing the disconnecter back into the notch
 and fully engaging the half cock notch once again,keeping hammer off stem etc.
 As hammer is then caught on its first rebound when valve shuts and kept there there now no hammer
 bounce and there fore no wasted hpa,as this pistol only holds 80cc hpa and i want it to be as efficent as
 possible because it uses lot air to get its 30fpe on full power off the reg,any wasted hpa will certainly
 affect the shot count,so preventing that was essentual.
 just bit bs that may interest some,simply coz its another way of looking at ways to prevent hammer
 bounce in co2/pcp airguns,that makes good sense and hasnt been looked at in this way before as far as
 i am aware,that is very worth considering when modifying or building a co2/pcp airgun.
 cheers mike

Modifications / simple cold rust gun blueing
« on: November 07, 2018, 07:42:01 AM »
i figured if am guna stay around i may as well pass on some the things i have learnt in 40 years messing
 around with guns that maybe of interest.
 Bit of history on gun blueing first!there are several ways to put a hard wearing blue finish on steel gun
 parts that were allso used by engineers to blue steel tooling,many involved using hot chemical baths that
 used caustic and dangerous chemicals that allso produce dangerous fumes,so not suitable for home use,
 these hot baths can allso cause a process called hydrogen embrittlment in hardened steels,not a good
 thing for gun parts that can be under extreme pressures,as these parts can fail.
 For home blueing i use a very simple process of controled rusting,the same thing a hot chemical bath does
 without dangerous chemicals or fumes,that produces the same result.
 As there are several steps that need toi be repeated several times to blue the steel,i will post the process
 in several parts,each one covering a part the process,it takes approx one hour to complete the whole
 process,but can take longer if you want really dark blueing.
 Part one/the chemicals needed.
 Plain salt/white vineger/hydrogen peroxide/degreaser of some sort,fine steel wool,distilled water,tho have
 found rain water works just fine.
 White vineger is used for etching the parts after degreasing,salt and preoxide are the blueing solution.
 first step is to thorourly degrease everything to be blued,recommend using rubber gloves during the
 whole process,as blueing solution mildly acidic,and prevents leaving finger prints showing up later on the
 blued parts etc.
 Degeased parts soaked in the white vineger for two/ three minutes to etch the surface mildly,so it will
 take the blue better,for a satin finish,less time for highly polished finish,less than minute be plenty,trail
 and error using other pieces polished steel before doing any actual blueing on gun parts a good idea for
 first few times util you can get the finish you want.
 Want to emphise that the quality of the final finish,will depend very much on how polished parts were to
 begin with,like anything preparation will dictated the finished product.i preferr a satin low gloss finish
 on my guns,so i etch them for approx 2mins,this gives nice none refective finish that wears extremly
 well for long time.its a personal choice.
 Part two will be the blueing process,word warning needed here,if blueing barrels both muzzle n breech
 need to be sealed to prevent bore rusting.i machine up two tight fitting soft wooden plugs and force them
 into muzzle n breech etc,leaveing just enuf wood protruding to be able to hang barrel in tank on wires
 for the third process which is boiling in water,this has to be done several times over the process.
 cheers mike

General Airgun Discussion / signing off
« on: November 03, 2018, 07:01:42 AM »
After this final post i am signing off the forum perminently,no point in belonging to a forum with only 3/4
 actively posting members these days,got better things to do with my time than wasting my time talking
 to myself,obviously nothing i post interests anyone else,so whats the point eh!!! seems be large nunbers
 guests just sitting on the side never even asking questions or posting anything,i find this a bit strange
 that none have signed in to comment on any thing,thats unusual for a forum.
 any way have meet some great people thru this forum and shall miss talking to them,see you all later eh!!
 cheers mike

General Airgun Discussion / bulk co2
« on: November 02, 2018, 11:45:00 AM »
after messing around with a home made fill station for some years,i bit the bullet last week and purchased
 a proper commercial type fill station from a paint ball shop.that fits directly onto the co2 fire extingishers
 i use for my bulk fill cylanders,fitted a female quick snap on fitting to busseness end to fit all my adapters
 and am now up and running on a decent bulk fill sytem for all my co2 cost $160,worth every
 cent,just coz works properly,as i get my co2 free in the form of out of date co2 extingishers from a mate
 at local rubbish dump on a regular bassis,i will never pay for or run out of co2 ever again,so can see more
 guns being put onto bulk fill over time,free co2 completly changed my attitude to co2 guns coz while they
 heaps fun to shoot,that gets expenisive if you shoot them a lt eh!!living as i do some distance from town
 disposable co2 sources tend get bit thin on the ground around here at times and not worth while going to
 town just to buy co2 eh!!i no longer have that problem and can now shoot as much as i want for free,thats
 a win/win situation for me.
 cheers mike

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