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General Discussion / The Police.
« on: December 09, 2018, 06:57:16 AM »
When police produce documents referring to themselves they use phrases such as "Police is engaged in or Police is looking at."
One does not say "cattle is walking up the road, neither does one say "sheep is dumb animals."
Police is a collective noun just like sheep and cattle so why do the police not use the word Police correctly as a collective noun.

General Discussion / shooting sparrows.
« on: December 07, 2018, 06:07:34 PM »
News in Wellington about shooting sparrows in Pack n Save in Kilburnie.
Lot of talk and pr nonsense but the sparrows have to be dealt with.
someone was talking about aneasthetising sparrows and releasing them. Sounds like a lot of rot to me.
Someone said they poison them.  What -- using poison in a supermarket full of food.
Probably the most humain and effective way is to shoot them but the animal grievers won't like that.

General Discussion / Cell phone pictures and videos.
« on: November 27, 2018, 05:21:00 PM »
Can anyone tell me if there is an app that goes on a Samsung iphone where you can video an airgun shooting and play it back very much slowed down.
Has to be simple to operate and not cost as much as the repaint of Buckingham Palace.

General Airgun Discussion / Gamo triggers.
« on: November 16, 2018, 03:44:57 PM »
Gamo triggers.

I got some assistance from blokes at the small bore club and the two stage trigger in the Gamo SAT trigger block works just as it should. With the two screws that lift the bottom lever adjusted correctly you can feel the first screw lift the lever and then a tiny bit of resistance as it reaches the end of its contact then the second screw makes contact to lift the lever so the sear releases the piston. The first stage is quite a firm pull and then the second just a light touch and off she goes. There is creap in the first stage and none in the second. You can feel the trigger much better with it mounted in the rifle than playing on the bench.

That was Mk1. Mk 2 has the first stage screw very close to the trigger pivot point. That will make the first stage heavier. I would like the feel when the trigger transitions  or rather where the first stage ends to be a bit more pronounced. That might happen when I try the Mk2 version. That is why I made it.
There may not be a Mk3 because I have used up the piece of scrap 6mm aluminium.

 Is the two stage trigger any better than a single stage?
No I don't think so.  The two stage can not be reset to stage one even with re cocking. When target shooting there is just another step in the shooting routine to carry out. It is no more accurate or should I say enables no more accuracy from the shooter. In fact the single stage is better for that.  It may even be better for hunting as long as the let off is not too light. The first stage may be safety feature for hunting. It does introduce one more component to the shot routine. I can do without that.

Making the triggers is not hard. Anyone could do it. You just need to mark it out and drill a series of holes near to but not touching the outline mark of the trigger. Cut out between the holes with an ordinary coping saw then file by hand down to the outline mark. It teaches you how to file square across the trigger.
Clean up and polish with ordinary aluminium oxide sand paper. Drill the pivot hole first because that gives you a datum point if you have used the original trigger as a pattern for the parts that need to fit the existing trigger block in case you want to check and remark the outline.

The holes for the adjustment screws are drilled through the trigger blade vertically, where you judge you want them and then taped to take three of four mm grub screws. Those holes need to be true to the tigger. Any run out is not good.

Of course if you had a mill and pattern you could turn out a few triggers quite quickly.

Pauly5 made a trigger by hand a while ago and even took some photos.

The difference between a single stage trigger and a two stage is that the single stage has only one adjustment screw and the two stage has two and they are in different positions in the trigger.

What I have found out is that there is more to triggers than what I know.

Anyway all this mucking about with triggers and barrel lengths and springs and gas rams has bought me to wonder about plastic stocks.  Another story there.

General Airgun Discussion / DIY rifle bluing
« on: November 14, 2018, 02:50:04 PM »
There are several ways to put a hard wearing blue finish on steel gun parts, many involve using hot chemical baths. They use caustic and dangerous chemicals that also produce dangerous fumes and are not suitable for home use,
 These hot baths can also cause a process called hydrogen embrittlement in hardened steels: not a good
 thing for gun parts that can be under extreme pressure which could cause the brittle parts to fail.

 For home bluing I (Dvinme) use a very simple process of controlled rusting, which achieves the same result as a hot chemical bath. Bluing is in fact a durable form of rust, iron oxide. There are several steps that need to be repeated to blue the steel.
The process takes approximately one hour to complete, but can take longer if you want really dark bluing.

I want to emphasize that the quality of the final finish will depend very much on how well polished parts were to  begin with, Etching for about two minutes gives a nice non reflective finish that wears extremely
If bluing barrels both muzzle and breech need to be sealed to prevent bore rusting. I machine up two tight fitting soft wooden plugs and force them into muzzle and breech, leaving just enough wood protruding to be able to hang the barrel in a tank on wires.

 Plain salt          ( Not iodised table salt)
White vinegar
Hydrogen peroxide
Degreaser         (Acetone, white spirits)
Distilled water.  Tap water may be satisfactory but town water introduces chemicals such as fluoride or                                                 


Rubber gloves.
Fine steel wool.
Safety glasses.
Suitable containers   (for mixing and soaking. Note. Steel containers should not be used for the etching                                    and the rusting process because the steel in the container, or the tin or zinc coating will react with the bluing agents affecting the result. Glass or plastic is fine for mixing the chemicals.


White vinegar is used for etching the parts after degreasing, Salt and hydrogen peroxide make the bluing solution. Use rubber gloves during the whole process as the bluing solution is mildly acidic and gloves prevent leaving finger prints that show up later on the blued parts.

1. Degrease parts thoroughly
2. Soak parts in the white vinegar for two/ three minutes to etch the surface mildly to take the blue for a     satin finish. Less than a minute for a highly polished finish, Try a few test pieces to get the required finish.
3. Rinse off in clean cold water then dry with paper towel.
4. Mix up rusting solution. Two tea spoons of PLAIN salt to half a cup hydrogen peroxide,
5. Mix well and brush this solution onto the parts to be blued with either a clean cotton bud or fine brush covering all parts completely,
6. Immerse into ready boiling water for 4/5minutes, keep the water boiling.
7. Remove from water being careful not to damage any surfaces and dry with paper towel.
8. Lightly rub just the fine powered rust film off the surface,
9. Rinse with water then reapply the rusting solution.
10. Back into the boiling water for 4/5mins
11. Repeat the process at least 4/5 times until the blue colour is what you want. Repetition will darken the colour.
12. Rinse again with hot water and dry off.
13. While the parts are still hot immerse in oil for 4/5mins.
14. Remove from oil and wipe clean. The parts should now be perfectly blued and ready to assemble.

 Doesn’t seem to matter what oil is used but really thin engine oil seems to penetrate into the
 pores of the steel well and is lot easier to clean off than thicker oil. Use either glass or stainless steel
 containers for etching and rusting solutions. The rusting solution will very soon eat a steel container away
 and will contaminate the solution as well.
 A longer boiling container will be needed to do barrels and may have to be made up from scrap stainless steel.    I use just a two burner gas stove for all the boiling because it is long enough with the two burners going for barrels.
 If followed correctly this method produces excellent bluing as good as a factory rifle and better than
 many. It resists wear very well and lasts for long time.

General Discussion / Airgun value.
« on: November 08, 2018, 12:44:01 PM »
Airguns are really good value because they last a long time. As long as you look after them they will last forever. A lifetime even.
A powder burner like a .308 or a 30.06 will last a lifetime to but the lifetime is very short. Less than a minute  of use and it is worn out.
You see it takes about 2 ten thousandths of a second for a bullet to traverse the barrel. If the barrel lasts 10,000 rounds then that is 2 seconds of barrel use.
Expensive seconds.  Stick with airguns.

General Airgun Discussion / Accurate Shooting.
« on: November 04, 2018, 08:45:03 AM »
I am not sure if I have posted this before so here it goes. Maybe again.

To shoot accurately you must be able to repeat the same procedure time and again. It is helpful to have a plan to follow to get those steps in the procedure so you can follow one after the other. It also gives you something to refer to and identify what you did wrong when you are wondering why your shots are not as good as you want them to be.

Accuracy requires effort.

Aide to Concentration.  Springer air rifle shooting routine.   

The following list may be useful in establishing a repeatable routine to follow when training to improve your accuracy. The steps for you to repeat could be :-

Load...               Make sure the pellet is squarely and firmly seated.

Shoulder...         Bring the rifle to the shoulder and get the hand grips to your favoured position including
                         rests.  Artillery hold.

Target...             Identify the right place to shoot.

Visualise...         Imagine what you want the target to look like after the shot.

Sights ...            Bring the sights onto the bullseye zone.
Breath...            Three breaths then partial exhale; stop breathing.  Do not hold breath as that creates tension.

Aim...                Bring the scope x hairs or open sight to fine detail and hold.   7 seconds maximum or
                         restart the process. ( Less time is better but do not rush to get shot away.)

Squeeze...         Straight back, steady. Do not snatch the trigger trying to get shot away while sight is spot on.

Follow through... Watch the sight, target picture for two seconds, watch the pellet if you can. Do not release
                          the trigger until the pellet has struck.

Politics and Law / APEC
« on: October 27, 2018, 06:57:45 PM »
Type this into your search.  NZ Foreign Minister defends assistance to Papua New Guinea for Apec.

$15,000,000 of NZ tax payers money gone to PNG. The PNG government has bought 40 Maseratis and hundreds of luxury vehicles to cart delegates around and the PNG people are outraged and so they should be.
Winston Peters trys to justify our $15m but his argurement or explaination just doesn't stack up; not convincing. Good money wasted.

Adern must have known about the money and she could have or should have shown some leadership and stood up to Peters. She has been silent and that dimishes her standing as far as I am concerned. Maybe $15m should be spent in PNG for doing something for the people but not to assist in a luxury jolly for a mob that don't deserve it.

The other bit is that China is in there and who knows what they are prepared to pay for influence in the Pacific.

General Discussion / Old
« on: October 08, 2018, 11:32:16 AM »
Went for a walk yesterday with the dog. followed an old track that had recently been cleared and ended up at the top of the hill brhind a new subdivision.
there were seven motor scraper parked up in a row.
The newer Carepillars had tyresthat were seven feet tall.
The were three older Terex machines and one had a regiastration plate HW. That is pretty old say 1970s and gthe machines were still on the job. Must be really good detroit diesels.

General Discussion / Astonishing.
« on: October 06, 2018, 09:33:17 AM »
Model: Nylon 66 Remington.
Action: Semi-automatic
Chambered for: 22 LR only*
Magazine: Tubular, 14-round
Overall length: 39 inches
Barrel length: 19.5 inches
Weight (unloaded): 4.2 pounds (67.2 ounces)
Introduced: 1959
Discontinued: 1989 or 1990 (depending on source)
Approximate production: 1,050,350 (per Remington)
Variations: Mohawk Brown, Seneca Green, Apache Black, Black Diamond, Gallery Special*
*Gallery Special takes 22 Short

This plastic .22lr was used by Tom Frye to shoot 100,006 out of 100010 hand thrown 2.5 inch wooden blocks. The rifle was designed as a plinker.

Astonshing for a plastic plinker and nothing to do with Donald Trump. A remarkable feat and no information to throw doubt on the claim.

Politics and Law / Jacinda
« on: October 01, 2018, 09:34:15 AM »
Jacinda made her speech at the UN. A humane and sensible speech advocating all the things we and the world
could benefit from. The telling part was the lack of attendance by many of the other world leaders to hear her.
Arrogance and downright rude. A snub to the place of small nations in world affairs.

They were all there to hear the worlds greatest buffoon make a fool of himself yet again.

She did well on the American talk shows and without saying it, she has an opinion of Trump.

General Airgun Discussion / Short stroking a piston gun.
« on: September 17, 2018, 07:31:21 PM »
Stumbled across an advertisement from TinBum tunes relating to a short stroke kit.

It looked to be a very simple piston cap that would fit over the dovetail of a piston to extend the length by 15 or so mms and the piston seal would fit on the end. It was the sort of thing you could turn up on a lathe in a few minutes.

The only advantage I can see is that it pushes the seal 15 mms closer to the transfer port. The spring and preload remain the same. The compression stroke would be 15 mms shorter in travel and a bit of a second shorter in time because of the modification. Shorter lock time. The volume of air being shifted would be a bit less and maybe the slam at the end of the stroke would be a bit harder.

I got the CFX out to give it try but a few shots and the old gun was shooting so well that I lost enthusiasm.

Can anyone report whether or not  the result is worth the effort?
Does the piston end cap need changes to the spring, top hat, preload to make it work?

There is an intersting discussion going on in the Gateway to Airguns forum, Airgun gate.
The title is," Some work about reducing harmonics and their effects in spring piston guns."

It was started by Hector Medina who has done some measuring but the thread has stalled until he completes further experiments. No doubt he will do that.

General Discussion / .22 Rimfire side by side.
« on: July 27, 2018, 10:17:08 AM »
Have a look in the pcp pistols thread in Modifications for a picture of this rifle. Reminiscent of an old British gentry piece but made by Dvinme.

Questions :-
1. Is the basis of this rifle a 410 shotgun?

2. Are the barrels the original shotgun but with .22 liners inserted?

3. If so how are the liners fixed into the other barrels?

4. Do the new barrels make the gun front heavy and just heavy overall?

5. If the barrels are two separate .22 barrels, how are the joined together?

6. How do two side by side barrels that may each have different points of impact at 25 yards and more so at 50 yards line up with the point of aim of the scope mounted between the two but canted from each?

General Discussion / Legal action.
« on: July 21, 2018, 08:26:35 PM »
I see in the DomPost that Digit is taking the Police to court over them declining his licence to import automatic rifles and associated bits and pieces. Don't hold your breath because that might take a while to come to anything.

The first letter in the opinion column was published this morning under the heading "Why are these rifles needed."  It may be just the one or more might follow.

I don't have a strong view either way but I am sure the Police are apprehensive of another Aramoana or the lesser incidents that have occured recently. The trouble is that a licenced firearms owner of recent times has been prepared to subvert the law for his own profit and to hell with the consequences.

It seems to me that the new procedure for obtaining a licence is going to be difficult for people who need or use firearms- hunters in the Urawera who live miles from anywhere and supplement the larder with hunting.

Even with a revamped licence system will not stop evil or stupid accidents.

Whatever the Police are doing, I am sure they have the best of intentions.

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