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For Sale, Wanted, Spotted / Crosman PRO 77
« on: February 18, 2019, 05:18:09 PM »
I have a Crosman PRO77 up for sale. This is a co2 powered, Blowback, Semi Auto .177 Steel BB pistol which would make a great training rig for shooting in the garage. The slide jumps back quite realistically, it has all the controls in realistic places and it holds the slide back after the last shot. The body is plastic but the trigger and slide are metal. I believe there are groups doing IPSC style comps with pistols like these now too.

I was going to list on trademe for $200 but happy to sell to any of our members for $150 and I will throw in a pack of BBs. Cool pistol with some sweet features, you cant buy pistols like this in shops here anymore thanks to a new permit process the police have put in place where they basically decline all permits.

There is a rail on the bottom but the last owner butchered it up a bit so it probably wants to be ground off and a new section of alloy rail mounted there. Seals are all good and it functions well, has just been cleaned and lubed.

Located in Hawkes Bay, Could deliver between HB and Wellington this week if you are quick.

For Sale, Wanted, Spotted / Wanted - Gamo G1200 Co2 rifle
« on: December 20, 2018, 03:39:08 PM »
Let me know if you have one to part with, any condition is fine as I will strip and tinker with it anyway.


For Sale, Wanted, Spotted / Wanted - P-rod front grip
« on: November 22, 2018, 02:19:19 PM »
The pistol Marauder has a unique front foregrip which would suit a little project I am working on so please let me know if you have one spare.


For Sale, Wanted, Spotted / Matador R3m .22 Long
« on: November 07, 2018, 03:44:25 PM »
Matador R3m .22 Long for sale, Please see the Trademe link here for details -

Unfortunately I need to gather some cash and this isn't being used enough to justify keeping it :(

Modifications / Project 2550
« on: October 24, 2018, 01:01:17 PM »
I picked up a Turkish Webley Patriot .25cal barrel and these "RAM" (Real Action Marker - Paintball) Co2 bottles a while back and I have been planning to use them on a 2250 25 cal build. The bottles are similar in size to the 88g disposable - 30.1mm diameter and 227mm long vs the 88g disposable which is 35.3mm diameter and 200mm long. They are refillable with an ASA at one end and an on/off tap on the other end, they hold about 60g of Co2 which should be good for about 5 times what each of the small disposable 12g units hold.

Plan is to cut the tube of the 22xx down shorter and build a new front half of the valve with an ASA on one end and a bigger plenum area for the gas Co2 to sit on the other end. Guessing in 25 cal it will need the extra volume to get more power along with a pretty large transfer port.

Who knows where I will end up performance wise but i'm kinda hoping for 20-25fpe and 25-30 shots per fill but that might be optimistic with only 11" of barrel to play with  :(

The last pic is just a mock up of what it might look like size wise.

Modifications / My latest CO2 2250 tune
« on: October 04, 2018, 01:03:34 PM »
I haven't been posting much lately but be assured I am still tinkering around in the back ground.

The latest tune I did on a Crosman 2250 needed to be powerful but efficient and short. I have left it running the standard length barrel and running on the 12g cartridges for simplicity and less weight. Below is the list of mods.

Polished hammer
HST adjuster - Made with a big enough thread to swap hammer springs out without having to strip it down
Custom CF silencer
Valve head bored out, TP opened up to 4.5mm and angled towards the seat
Valve cap threads cut off, bored out, and deepened to reduce VST and increase volume
Valve pin reshaped slightly to help encourage flow - Don't take too much off the brass or they fall apart!
Hammer and valve spring ends polished
Barrel TP opened up to 4.5mm
Custom rubber tube TP with 5mm ID
Steel breech
Polished trigger sear and custom spring tension adjuster
Take down spring button to add and remove the stock with the push of a button

This particular rifle has already sold but the results have encouraged me to build up another one with similar mods which might motivate me to finally get into building a custom stock.

The end result was a short, quiet and very lightweight rifle shooting at a very consistent 13fpe for 17 shots before they started to drop off in power. I think that's a good result and the fact you can just carry a couple of spare CO2 cartridges in your pocket as a back up makes it a great alternative to PCP. IMO 13fpe is plenty of energy for Rabbits and most birds out to 40m once you know what the trajectory looks like.

This shot string was done with 16gr JSB pellets, I was pausing for 30 seconds between shots but my hand was holding the tube which was heating it up slightly - that explains the slight lift in power. If I had just been shooting on a bench and left it longer between shots I think it would have been even better. This still beats un-regged PCP's, and probably beats some regged ones too!

My next build will be aiming for similar or slightly more power, it will include a new 3D printed magazine that attaches to the breech from a chap in the UK and I have a new idea for increasing the valve volume quite a bit so it will be interesting to see what that will do.

Nova - I suggest using something like a 2250, Diana (not actually Diana made) Chaser, CP1 or a QB to base your CO2 experiments on. All can be imported for a fairly reasonable price if you cant find one second hand.

Modifications / Baikal IZH-61 tuning
« on: September 14, 2018, 11:42:54 AM »
I have always wanted one of these, I remember seeing them for sale new when I first started getting back into airguns again in around 2008 and thinking "damn that's ugly, I gotta have one!". They have been sold out in NZ stores for at least the last 5 years and they don't really come up for sale second hand very often at all so when I saw this one come up on trademe I had to grab it. Paying the $210 buy now was probably a bit over priced considering they sold new for $179 from memory but I just hadn't had the chance to buy one and it was right up near the top of my list of airguns to own.

So what is it? Its a low powered Russian target rifle designed for 10m match shooting. The stock is a 2 piece affair, the front has an extended forearm and a free standing pistol grip which is quite Edgun-ish in style, the rear piece has adjustable LOP which can be adjusted by 70mm which allows it to be used by children and adults comfortably. It is a side lever springer with a short stroke compression tube that sits underneath the breech. The breech has a 5 shot magazine that is indexed by the cocking lever, a bolt is pushed forward through the magazine to seat the pellet in the chamber as you close the lever so the pellet is not fired from the magazine itself. The trigger has an adjustment for the (beautiful steel) blade height, first stage length and trigger weight (The weight grub screw and spring were missing in my example but the hole was there so these may have been lost by the previous owner), there is an anti bear trap safety so the trigger cannot be set off until the cocking handle is returned. Overall the build quality on this rifle is solid and well thought out but as usual with cheaper rifles there are some quirks to be worked out.

I had read up quite a bit on these over the years and knew it was never going to be a powerful rifle, the way the side lever works is not designed to carry the extra tension of a powerful spring and the length of the compression tube is only half what most springers have. In standard form its performance on the chrony was fairly consistent but its just didn't feel like it was shooting as smooth as i was hoping so it was time for this rusky to be turned into a jigsaw puzzle.

Geco Pellets 6.94gr
1- 453
2- 447
3- 454
4- 453
5- 452

Spread 7 fps
Std Dev 2.77
Avg 451.8 fps

JSB RS 7.33gr
1- 462
2- 462
3- 467
4- 461
5- 463

Spread 6fps
Std Dev 2.35
Avg 463fps

And just to see how something heavier would perform

JSB Exact Heavy 10.34gr
1- 384
2- 392
3- 394
4- 392
5- 393

Spread 10fps
Std Dev 4
Avg 391fps

Its in lots of bits at the moment for me to tune up, Standard stuff really like deburring and polishing but i will write all that up in the next post along with the follow up chrony results. I'm not expecting a power increase but hoping I can bring some more consistency between shots.

Modifications / Crosman 1377 full mods
« on: August 31, 2018, 11:26:52 AM »
I have been sitting on a 1377 project for someone for a while and decided to get onto it yesterday. The build is a basically brand new Crosman 1377 pistol with the following parts that he had imported direct to me.

18" Crosman .177 barrel
Crosman Steel breech
Hawke Medium height match rings
Leapers 3-12x32 Bugbuster scope - The new model with side focus
Alliance Hobby - Stainless screw and pin kit
Alliance Hobby - HST adjuster
Alliance Hobby - High flow transfer port
Alliance Hobby - Flat top piston
Alliance Hobby - 2 stage trigger kit
Alliance Hobby - Barrel band (to allow a longer barrel)
Alliance Hobby - Hammer to suit the 2 stage trigger

First I did a run over the chrony at 1 - 15 pumps to see how it performed in a factory state. These tests were run using the Geco 6.94 gr pellets.

1- 178 fps
2- 288 fps
3- 358 fps
4- 408 fps
5 - 446 fps
6 - 477 fps
7 - 497 fps
8 - 520 fps
9 - 547 fps
10 - 564 fps
11 - 566 fps
12 - 591 fps
13 - 591 fps
14 - 602 fps
15 - 610 fps

The strip down was fairly simple, I have resealed a few of these before so I knew the process well. A few tricks for anyone else wanting to do this, The valve has to be pushed from the rear of the tube to come out the front of the tube (the barrel works well for this), The roll pin can be a pain but comes out easily if you use a vice or have a proper sized punch, use a T5 torx screw driver on the hidden breech screw - it gives a much better grip than the allen key.

The only parts we were keeping from the original organ donor was the empty tube, the grips and the pump arm and linkage.  The tubes on these ALWAYS needs a bit of a debur along the lever opening and around the holes for the pivot pin, if you don't do this you will destroy the seals as you reassemble it all.

The reassembly was fairly basically in the reverse of disassembly but with the new parts, the Alliance flat top vale and piston are not adjustable which makes it easy to install but I do wonder how close the tolerances are as this match generally needs very fine tuning to get right. The screw and pin kits comes with a solid roll pin to replace the pivot roll pin which is a much better design and will wear much less, it wasn't quite a perfect fit and needed some slight adjustment of the holes to get it to fit but its now a solid fit with cir-clips holding it in place. The newer style pump arm the donor has seemed to interfere with both the new pivot pin and the new barrel band so it needed a few mm removed in a couple of spots to get it right.

The 2 stage trigger kit is a massive improvement over a standard trigger! It is a proper 2 stage trigger with adjustable 1st and 2nd stage and adjustable weight. make sure you follow the instructions from Alliance when fitting this as there are a few quirks to getting it right.

Once it was all together it was time for a few photos for the owner and a test over the chrony. It was a little disappointing to find the increase in velocity wasn't as much as I was hoping for but it does seem to be building pressure quicker than without the FTP and FTV with it getting more velocity at 10 pumps than it used to get at 15 pumps in stock form.

1- 38 fps (may have been a bad read)
2- 322 fps
3- 412 fps
4- 464 fps
5 - 509 fps
6 - 545 fps
7 - 573 fps
8 - 580 fps
9 - 596 fps
10 - 627 fps
11 - 644 fps
12 - 648 fps
13 - 677 fps
14 - 682 fps
15 - 687 fps

It seems to be holding a bit of air after each shot above 13 pumps so I will open it back up and change the valve spring out for something a bit lighter and after a bit of reading I might swap the TP back to the slightly more restrictive standard one to help keep the pulse of pressure a bit higher. The HST adjuster seems to be a bit of a waste with it only adjusting from 0 to "wont cock" in 1/4 of a turn, more HST seemed to lower velocity slightly as well. It did come with another spring in the HST adjuster kit but it looked like a heavier weight and longer spring - might try that as well but from playing with the adjuster a little so far I don't think it will help.

Heavier pellets do seem to increase the energy a bit, at 15 pumps JSB Heavies used to get 493 fps for 5.58fpe where they now get 600 fps for 8.27 fpe. The success I have read from other people show that this setup should be up in the 11fpe range so more tuning to come...

Modifications / QB works
« on: August 08, 2018, 10:29:52 AM »
Picked Seppo's QB up for some work a few weeks ago, I hadn't been inside one of these before so was quite interested in giving it a go. This particular QB was one of Rev's old "builds" but it was all standard apart from a bolt handle and a green paint job.

I pulled it apart and cleaned years work of gunk and dirt out of it and replaced the drop block seals to test it in its standard form.

Geco 6.9gr - 555 fps for 4.75 fpe
Crosman Premier heavy 10.6gr - 512 fps for 6.1 fpe
JSB Monster 13.4gr - 484 fps for 6.9 fpe
H&N Rabbit Magnum 15.7gr - 445 fps for 6.9 fpe

Pretty underwhelming really considering its a full sized rifle with a 20" barrel and most Crosman 2240s are doing that out of the box on pistol barrels. I did notice that even with very heavy pellets it still seemed to be wasting some co2 with a cloud out of the muzzle with each shot, thought about that for a while as it didn't add up with the low power results and came to the conclusion that the flow of co2 through the valve and up the transfer port must be restricting it and slowing the shot cycle down.

I opened the rifle back up and had a go at modifying the valve a bit to increase flow and added some extra hst with some washers. This gained about an extra 60fps in speed but I still wasn't happy so I dialed a friend, Razier gave me some more ideas and after a bit of reading I did most of the work mentioned here -

So now a total list of mods include:
Oring as TP
Barrel and breech TP bored out slightly
TP in valve angled for better flow
Valve spring replaced with a lighter spring
New valve spring guide
Valve body milled out to allow for much better flow
Re shaped valve stem end to improve flow
Valve piercing pin, washer, collet and filter all removed
Probe end cut off, drilled and a piece of drill bit inserted to create a pin probe
Hammer polished
Extra HST washers (which I might remove yet one by one to fine tune)
Drop block hollowed out to increase plenum space
Orings all replaced with Polyurethane ones

I forgot to get pics of the final valve work but will probably have it apart again today to check it all out and take pics, It pretty much looks like the valve in the link but the spring is longer, the spring guide is a cut down smooth bolt and the stem is reshaped a bit.

I was happier with the final results but as mentioned above I will look to fine tune with the HST washers to make sure its not wasting gas.

Geco 6.9gr - 725 fps for 8.1 fpe (170 fps and 3.4 fpe increase)
Crosman Premier heavy 10.6gr - 660 fps for 10.3 fpe (150 fps and 4.2 fpe increase)
JSB Monster 13.4gr - 662 fps for 13 fpe (178 fps and 6.1 fpe increase)
H&N Rabbit Magnum 15.7gr - 584 fps for 11.9 fpe (139 fps and 5 fpe increase)

I think 13 fpe is probably about the max you can expect from 177 on c02. The poms seem to have pretty good results from shooting rabbits etc with sub 12 out to 40m or more so I think this is a pretty good result. This rifle would get some good power with a .22 or .25 barrel but the only ones of those I have spare at the moment are too short and wouldn't do it justice.

Modifications / Daisy 790 max power modification
« on: July 18, 2018, 02:31:44 PM »
To start with I know I am modifying a somewhat rare and desirable pistol but I hope to keep the mods reversible, and I already have the more desirable S&W 78G anyway :)

This pistol I will be modifying is a Daisy 790 that I found in a pawn shop (along with a 78G, 79G and a powerline 41!) and had on sold to a friend a few years back, I asked him recently if he was using it much and found out he had also purchased a nice Diana recoiless pistol which he prefers so he hadnt used the Daisy. I organized to buy it back off him as I had been having evil thoughts of modifying the 78G and thought it would be a much better idea to leave that well alone!

I picked the pistol up last week, while my friend owned it he has purchased a new valve stem and seals off Youngs so it was holding gas perfectly and putting some Geco pellets on paper it seemed to be grouping quite well too! 13.1mm ctc at 10m standing. My chrono shows its doing 425fps on light weight 6.9gr pellets for 2.7fpe or 385fps on Jsb heavies for 3.4fpe. This is without me touching the power adjuster. The S&W 79G I have owned in the past was hitting 570fps for 5fpe so the HST adjuster on this Daisy may have been turned down a bit.

Closer inspection of the Daisy showed that the pellet loading tray has been ground out a little at some point in its life and the probe wobbles side to side a bit because of this, I dropped a 25cal pellet in the tray and hey presto it was a perfect fit! This was meant to be. I am now on the lookout for around 10" of 25 cal barrel to machine up to fit this pistol, Im guessing the stock valve wont flow enough and the stock hammer might not be able to hit the valve hard enough either but I will start with the barrel and see what sort of performance I can get just be putting the larger cal on it and work on the rest from there.

My past experience with sody has shown that the more time the co2 has to expand to its full potential the more power it will produce, for example a longer barrel will allow the co2 to expand more before the pellet leaves the barrel so pushes it faster, or a heavier pellet takes more time to leave the barrel so allows more time for the co2 to expand. This is why I am hoping that a 10" barrel (stock barrel on these is 9" but I can hide a little bit inside a suppressor etc) in 25 cal will get the most power possible out of this beautiful sody pistol. Aiming for 12fpe but I have been told that's a little ambitious!

For Sale, Wanted, Spotted / Short 25 cal barrel wanted
« on: July 16, 2018, 11:55:16 AM »
Hi Guys,

Im trying to find a fairly short bit of 25 cal barrel for a little test/project - No its not for the PCP pistol build, Im wanting to try it on a Daisy 790 Sody pistol to see what performance I can get from it. Needs to be at minimum 230mm long, OD doesn't matter as I will have to turn it down small anyway. Not worried about twist rate or choke at this stage, mainly just doing this to look at power levels on a short 25 sody.

Anyone know of anything kicking around? Could be an old turkish Webley that has fallen to bits etc?


For Sale, Wanted, Spotted / BSA Sportsman HV PCP rifle
« on: June 05, 2018, 05:42:54 PM »
Hi Guys,

Selling on behalf of Seppo.

BSA Sportsman HV FAC PCP in 22 cal. This rifle runs the MMC cocking action with a 10 shot magazine which is designed specifically with hunting in mind, the action can safely have a pellet in the breech and once the furry rabbit is spotted all you need to do is push a small lever up the front to cock the hammer and its ready to fire. Very safe and subtle.

The rifle is in good condition bar a few small cosmetic scratches from use, It comes with the magazine, fill probe, silencer and Leapers scope.

I have hunted many times with the owner of this setup and it was always deadly accurate in his hands! Google for some very positive reviews and some very impressive 100m groups other people are getting with this model.

Located in Hawkes Bay.


For Sale, Wanted, Spotted / Wanted - Baikal IZH61 air rifle.
« on: April 26, 2018, 12:05:50 PM »
Pretty keen to add one of these to the collection... Anybody know where I could find one? New or used and either IZH61 or IZH60.


For Sale, Wanted, Spotted / Str8shooters closing down sale
« on: March 22, 2018, 04:32:23 PM »
Hi Guys,

Sad news today from the owners of - They have decided to close the business down. The positive for you guys is that they have listed all of their remaining stock at insane prices! I have agreed to help them with advertising their deals to help them sell out of stock (and to help you guys get the deals!) so please mention in the order details that you were referred by me (Evan Minton).

Get in there and check out those prices!!! This is our version of all those Walmart deals we kept hearing about from USA! Being the Crosman addict that I am I have already placed an order for one of those Crosman 760s but the deal on the Hatsan Striker and the Gamo CFR are pretty tempting!

Modifications / Crosman 2250 take down mod
« on: March 02, 2018, 05:35:26 PM »
Real simple idea here, it's just a sprung pin that clips the stock into place rather than having to do up the two side screws. Works well and only takes about 10mins to do (even without a lathe). There is still a little bit of wobble but some foam tape will fix that easily.

Dimensions in the pic below if you want to have a crack yourself.

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