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For Sale, Wanted, Spotted / Airarms S410 for sale start price $650
« on: January 26, 2019, 08:02:30 PM »
Hi everyone
Finally has to go.

Details in auction. This represents fantastic value.

For Sale, Wanted, Spotted / Airarms S410 Xtra FACand NiteSite for sale
« on: November 24, 2018, 09:56:09 AM »
Hi everyone
Needs to go as not being used at all.


Hi everyone

Revolutionise your nighttime shooting.
Ultimate stealth, no lights and full cover of darkness. See your quarry like it is daytime AND record you hunts!

The ultimate Christmas present to yourself.

I never get the chance to use this anymore. Only been used a 3 or 4 of times before I sold all the guns. There is a thin blue line on the lcd that popped up one day however doesn't affect use in any way shape or form.

Looking for $600. These are well over a grand landed.

Review and action cam in video

For Sale, Wanted, Spotted / FS: AirArms S410 Xtra FAC
« on: September 04, 2018, 09:56:40 AM »
Further info to come however

AirArms S410 Xtra FAC
Adjustable power

Includes fill probe and tank

$1100 ono

Hi everyone

I am clearing out the garage a bit, no time to shoot anymore  :(

NiteSite VIPER RTEK, used less than 5 times. Around $900 new.

Check this out to see what you could experience!

100m range, recording technology, I was getting a blue line on the screen but didn't affect use at all.
Comes in hard case with foam, charger, all bits and pieces. Super cool piece of kit but unfortunately not shooting any more and someone else is better to enjoy it

Video your hunts!
$550 ONO


Winchester 333 22LR NEW, RRP $40.   $20 + postage

3x CCI Subsonic 100packs RRP $19 , all for $40 + postage

1x CCI Mini-Mag 100pack RRP $18, $10 + postage

4x CCI Quiets 50pack RRP $10 , all for $25 + postage

4x CCI Standard 50pack RRP $8 , all for $20 + postage

2x Winchester Subsonic 50pack $13, both for $15+postage

You got this far may as well buy all of them and combine shipping for a bargain:
$100 + shipping or I'm in Auckland for pickup

4x32 Gun City scope RRP $100   - $30 + shipping

For Sale, Wanted, Spotted / FS: NiteSite NS200, 1.2m rifle case
« on: October 22, 2016, 10:47:30 AM »
Nitesite NS200
If interested PM me and we can talk price

1.2m rifle case
Lower foam missing and don't have lock keys, 1 Velcro strap broken (think it can be hot glued down)
$50 pick up

For Sale, Wanted, Spotted / For Sale: NITESITE NS200
« on: August 17, 2016, 06:39:54 PM »
Hi everyone
Reluctantly for sale is my NiteSite NS200.
This was a mission to get into NZ at great financial and time cost.

Used less than 2 dozen times (at a conservative guess)

At the time, this was the top of the NiteSite range. I am looking for $1200.

It has a range of 200+ yards and retains your current scope that is easily mounted and removed without adjusting your zero! I would keep this if I could but an opportunity to buy something else has arisen and unfortunately this just hasn't been used enough to justify it!

Here is a review and some further info

Selling to clear up some space.

Mint condition - came off the rifle awhile ago and just sitting now.

3-9x40 with the BDC Reticle (that can be used with Nikon's free software for aimpoints)

Excellent light transmission and clarity.

I'm looking for $230 + shipping


Brand new, from USA so they need a power adapter to charge. The battery is for the microphone that picks up voices etc.

Ryobi introduces the Ryobi Tek4 Audio Plus Noise Suppression Headphones. This tool feature speech amplification technology to enhance close-range conversations and noise suppression to help protect your ears from damage.

Adjustable padded headband design offers comfort
Noise suppression automatically reduces harmful impulses to help protect your ears, and it allows for normal conversation
Auxiliary input for use with iPods, MP3 players and similar sound devices
Wireless headphones are energy efficient for extended operation
Speech amplification technology enhances close-range conversations
Microphones allow you to hear your voice as well as background noise
Water resistant for long-lasting use

For Sale, Wanted, Spotted / FS: NITESITE NS200 NIGHT VISION CAMERA
« on: October 07, 2015, 07:41:08 PM »

Brought it in myself and used a few times. New project on the go and not getting as much time for guns these days unfortunately, let alone hunting!

Looking for $1300 ono

Moving overseas and the time is moving up faster and faster.
I was planning to leave them with my brother but I think I'll need the money more.


Ruger 10/22 in High Tower Armory 90/22 Bullpup Stock

Virtually brand new, no more than 20 rounds through

-Ruger 10/22
-High Tower Armory 90/22 Stock in Olive Drab
-Whistle Pig Gun Barrel Co. 22" fluted barrel (Very Lightweight)
Needed 22" barrel to reach minimum OAL for New Zealand

Also has fitted:
-Volquartsen Target Hammer
-Volquartsen Bolt Tune-Up kit
-Volquartsen Recoil Buffer

Comes with a compact Olive Drab bag I purchased especially for this gun.
No scope

$1500 or nearest offer

Yildiz .410 Shotgun Single Shot

Fired once, retails at $399

Air Arms S410 XTRA FAC

Good condition, Reliable,
Got a new main spring and a couple of other internals that I can't remember, when I got it in 2012 and probably hasn't had
More than 2k rounds through it since then

Very accurate out to 80m, haven't tested any further than that but no doubt it can hold its own!

Comes with Hawke Sport HD 3-9x40, 2 mags, fill probe, and a suppressor.
Can throw in a gun bag too

$1100 for all

Nikon Prostaff Scope 3-9x40
Comes with box.
Not used much, excellent condition. Fantastic optic, incredible light transmission

HushPro rimfire suppressor
Very effective, good looking

Video / Drone footage of my hunting grounds!
« on: January 14, 2015, 09:32:17 PM »
I'm lucky enough to have access to this place to shoot rabbits. Can't get over as frequently as I'd like though because it's booked so often during the Summer!

General Discussion / YouTube Chan: Drone footage and other stuff
« on: December 25, 2014, 10:14:49 AM »
My partner just bought herself a drone as she's an avid film maker. Over the last couple of days of nice weather we've been trekking around Auckland's "sights" and made a couple of quick videos.

Thought some of you may be interested!

The drone is a DJI Phantom 2 with a GoPro 3+ (Need to buy a 4...) on it for those who want to know. It's pretty fun to fly! There's actually footage of some Kiwi hunters on YouTube using one to scare game birds to fly towards them; they flew the drone wide and past the birds and came back onto them (the range is 1km, max height 400m)

Bastian Point from Above

Parnell Rose Gardens from Above

Mt. Hobson from Above

Not quite sure how to embed video... Enjoy!

For Sale, Wanted, Spotted / Wanted: Bunny Buster Slim Jim
« on: November 29, 2014, 08:54:07 PM »
Hi everyone
Sold my Slim Jim a couple of months ago when I went on a selling spree to buy some car parts. As with these sorts of things, now I'm in need of a short, lightweight suppressor.


Modifications / 'Charon' - Ecko's Bullpup Project
« on: July 16, 2014, 09:41:45 AM »
Sorry guys I know it's not an air gun but I like this crowd!! :)
So much valuable information and knowledge here and I'd like to get everyone's input.

In Greek mythology, Charon is the ferryman of Hades who carries souls of the newly deceased across the rivers Styx and Acheron that divided the world of the living from the world of the dead.

I'm currently in the US and whilst being here have had the generous from someone back home of access to their land to shoot some possums and bunnies up. With that said, I thought it was time to build up a new toy!

Any excuse to spend money, right?

The goal of the gun is a compact, accurate, and reliable rifle to shoot subsonics at ranges of up to 100 yards for rabbits, possums, and plinking.

Will be ordering a drop-in bullpup kit.
This is the High Tower Armory 90/22 kit, in 'Olive Drab' (sample picture below)

A few other "upgrades" I decided to buy while I'm here and bring back with me are:

Volquartsen Target Hammer to lighten trigger pull
Volquartsen Surestrike Firing Pin
Volquartsen Exact Edge extractor (hopefully increasing reliability to cycle with subs)
Volquartsen Recoil Buffer
Kidd Innovations Guide Rod (with different weighted springs)
High Tower Armory Magazine couplers
3x Genuine Ruger 10rd mags (assuming rifle will come with 4th)

Olive Drab 42" Rifle Case to match the rifle! Only $30US!

These are just parts I chose to buy based on reviews online and other forums. If they do not meet my expectations I'll upgrade again down the line, but since everything is so cheap here I thought better to take the risk now. I imagine I'll be happy with them nonetheless.

With an 18" 10/22 barrel the rifle will only be 26" long, falling short of the legal OAL requirement of 30".
With this being the case I have been recommended to permanently affix a suppressor to the barrel. I will probably hidden pin and weld (or just weld?) it on. Does this suffice to achieve minimum OAL?

Down the line I plan to buy a 22" Whistlepig barrel and see if I can get an overbarrel suppressor made up or buy one to sit flush with the front of the 90/22 stock.

Also ordered 4 more red LED torches from DX (I think they lose power over time) and a couple of 350 lumen white LED torches to give a try.

Any tips, advice, etc. is greatly appreciated!

This is my first 10/22, third rimfire rifle, and first bullpup build. Admittedly I would have loved an EdGun Matador PCP but this is a fair bit cheaper, and I love a good project!

General Airgun Discussion / Importing bull pup stock for 10/22
« on: July 08, 2014, 09:40:40 AM »
Posed the question on the sister forum but I thought some of you may have an input too.


In the USA ATM and looking at the possibility of bringing a 10/22 bullpup stock (High Tower Armory) back.
Is this a legal item in nz (a cat) and how long will a permit to import take to go through? From there can I just throw it in my suitcase?

From the looks of things it is an A-Cat. I'm trying to get hold of the TSA Manager at LAX to talk to about it but couldn't get through today.

The stock splits into two halves (length ways, opening like a book)

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