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General Discussion / novagun and the drought
« on: December 08, 2018, 07:55:03 PM »
Know what you mean Hugh,but as only a few us seem to post,its bit hard for a few to keep things
 interesting,as we only have so many projects going between us to talk bout,I been on firearms projects
 more than airguns lately and not really interested in posting these and rest just maintainence and repairs to
 guns not my own,not very interesting stuff to post.
 cheers mike

General Discussion / Re: shooting sparrows.
« on: December 08, 2018, 07:48:43 PM »
Was just making the comment mate as comparison for how redicullus the thing was,I am with you I just
 shoot em all,its bit a no brainer really.
 cheers mike

General Airgun Discussion / Re: DIY rifle bluing
« on: December 08, 2018, 07:45:23 PM »
Was lucky got some peroxide from mates wife who is an industral chemist some years back but am just bout out myself now and she no longer working,good thing you reminded me coz got to get some more myself
 check out chemical suppliers on line thats what I will be doing,trouble is they only do quite large bulk
 quantitys usually,but may supply smaller amouts,often depends on who you talking to if they will do the small amounts we use.
 cheers mike

General Discussion / Re: shooting sparrows.
« on: December 08, 2018, 07:21:29 AM »
Worlds so phucked up morally today apparently sparrows lives are more important to many than poverty
 in their own country mostly caused by their own government,10,000 of inocent civilians being mass
 murdered in wars this country is involved in as a part the US governments world wide terror plan which
 their own country is a willing partner in,dont see any one protesting about that!!Aparrently inoccent,
 being terroized,starved the homes and lives destoyed dont matter,as dosnt homelesnes,poverty in their
 own country,just shows you how phucked up peoples morality has become today in our own country
 when some can get so out raged about killing sparrows,and couldnt care less bout human life,these same
 people will proberly walk past a homeless person sleeping on pavement and be disgusted by them being
 in their nieghbourhood,be more upset coz cant get grocerys in plastic bag now,than damage being done
 to our enviroment,The sparrow thing just a sign of how phucked up people are today,coz you dont see
 anyone protesting about issuses that really matter today,unless it affects them directly eh!!
 Havnt seen ant comment let alone outrage that the US has just annonoced its new plan is to start a new
 world order with US controling the world as it sees fit,without the UN or any other international body
 beig needed,that US is going to put out of the UN INF climate protocals weapons agreements etc,would
 have thought that would have raised concerns,but apparently not,coz our news media havnt even
 mentioned it coz dont want upset the US proberly,but this is the US s stated goal a few days ago.
 So there plenty things far more important than bloody sparrows in super markets and how control them
 going on they should be far more concerned about,but just dont seem to care about.
 cheers mike

General Airgun Discussion / Re: bulk filling co2 airguns
« on: December 06, 2018, 09:17:16 AM »
Like Mintie I have a soft spot for co2,I dont expect nor want the same performance from co2 as I get from
 hpa,my co2 guns are used mainly for shooting pest birds inside buildings at relaltivly short distances,birds
 are easy to kill with a well placed 177 cal pellet at quite low velocitys and fpe levels,I allso dont want a
 gun thats powerfull enought th drive pellets thru roofs/walls etc or damage builings in any way,so tend to
 flat nosed target pellets weighing 7,5 grains at approx 540 /750 fps at max,co2 does this very nicely.
 I origionally bulk filled my two gamo rifles foe ecomomy,not so I could modify them to increase power as
 I am very happy with one rifle at 5fpe the other at 8.5fpe on co2.
 Having these rifles on bulk co2 makes them like pcps cheap to run,able to be recharged whenever needed,
 as I have a large supply of bulk co2 in form of co2 fire extingishers I get free from my local rubbish dump
 so I will very likely ever run out of co2,As Mintie has said co2 is self regulating so can be very consistant
  and in accurate rifles just as accurate as a pcp costing many times more,I couldnt justify buying a pcp
  rifle for what I use the co2 rifles for and proberly coundnt find fast cycling pump action pcp repeating
 rifles any way that could match my co2 rifles.
 I am very much a pcp guy,but bulk filled accurate fast cycling co2 rifles work very well for me and what I
 use them for.and bonus is they are awesume fun plinking rifles as well.
 cheers mike

General Airgun Discussion / Re: Pellets
« on: December 04, 2018, 05:38:34 PM »
Will do mate,as far as remember bout were going ok,just needed that fore end screw issues discussed while
 back sorted out,dont know if barrels while still ok, they been under the bench for 5 may need 17 cal bronze brush thru them,but as said be good for parts etc.pellets be awesume thanx,they only ones that feed reliably thru inline shuttle feed on my Gamo g1200 co2 rifle,they allso very accurate in that and the Gamo co2 extreme rifles I have on bulk fill.
 The manufacture of these pellets just one more nz small industry thats been sold and gone overseas to
 benifit others and not us Kiwis eh!!Pretty much got to stage bout the only thing Kiwis make now is our own
 poop eh!!.
 cheers mike

General Airgun Discussion / Re: Pellets
« on: December 04, 2018, 12:13:22 PM »
Thats the little buggas mate,just cant get them here at moment,Ron proberly still got them but dont order
 them unless got other things coming,as the freight kills the price,More than happy to accept your kind offer
 mate, you got my address eh!!I found couple old springers under the bench was guna ask if you wanted them,be good for parts/stocks , projects ,other wise just guna bin them if no use to anyone,possible Hugh
 may like them am sure he could do some thing with them,dont know the make,but not chinese,Any one wants them let me know.
 Some my guns love these cheap nz made pellets so guna really piss me off the tooling being sold and
 moved to Aussie,coz doubt we will see them again now.
 cheers mike

General Airgun Discussion / Re: Pellets
« on: December 04, 2018, 08:52:47 AM »
Sorry bout the typoes in last post,but you should get jist of it hopefully
 cheers mike

General Airgun Discussion / Re: Pellets
« on: December 04, 2018, 08:51:07 AM »
Making prI dont know how good the pellets these guys are making areojectiles isnt that hard Paul,making really good ones is,two ways to make pellets,one is by casting them from hot lead,the other way is to swage them thru dies from lead wiremaking lead wire the right size
 allso reqiures casting lead billets that are then swaged into wire the diameter needed to swage the diameter
 of progectiles needed,I was in the mid 1980/early 90s a large commercial prducer of cast and swaged lead
 and jacketed bullets,and did all three processes on large scale,still have some bullet making tooling in some
 calibers,but never made airgun pellets commercally simplily coz wasnt worth the very significant expense
 of making and setting up the high speed casting and swaging machinery to do so to make doing so
 commercally viable,I dont know how good the pellets these guys are making are,but I know its not easy
 to consistantly hand make large quantitys of pellets,that are precisely the same diameter,weight and
 particully using pure lead that dosnt fill moulds as well as proper casting lead alloy,waisted pellets shape
 alone makes them very hard to cast accurately to begin with,personally I have no interest in trying to
 cast large numbers of perfect pellets by hand,just to save money,cold swaging waisted pellets bassically
 cant be done in normal straight type dies,but needs to be done in roll swaging dies and thats a complicated process to make dies for and to set up.
 The home pellet casting set ups I have seen are pretty bassic and slow to produce a decent quantity of
 precission pellets from,and the important word here is PRECCISION,if home made pellets are anything
 like most the home cast lead bullets i see,they wont be very precise,have seen one home pellet making
 set up available in UK thst casts a bassic slug that is then put in a die with a punch/hit with hammer to
 swage the pellet to correct size etc but dosnt control the weight,these pellets are more like a bullet with
 hollow base and small raised skirt JSB makes some very heavy pellets this shape as have I,this is only
 way to swage pellets in extrusion die,so guns like them some dont.There is a lot more to making top
 qaulity pellets than many think just as there is with good cast bullets,
 I was the only commercial bullet maker in nz for many years,this is a subject a I know a little about as I
 used to produce several million top qaulity bullets a year for competition pistol shooting and police
 departments incuding our own.
 Paul the pellets I talking about were made in nz,but Ron told me the tooling and machinery has been sold
 and is going to Aussie,pity coz tho cheap some were rather good pellets as good as some well known
 overseas brands in fact,marketed as either Diana or killwell,the target pellets are some the most accurate
 177 cal pellets I have used,I havnt seen them being made but believe they were cast on hi speed casting
 I have looked into setting up to make 177/22 pellets but decided market not big enuf to make ie worth while p to produce top qaulity pellets at a price that would sell sifficient qauntities to cover the cost of
 setting up,Imay yet set up for smaller scale production of 30,38.45 cal swaged airgun projectiles,as will
 be wanting these my self evenually as I can swage approx 1000 and hour on hand presses in the larger
 calibers or cast them by hand in simialer numbers,but once again nz market too small to be commercially
 viable,making bullets or pellets is a numbers game commercially.
 cheers mike

General Airgun Discussion / bulk filling co2 airguns
« on: December 02, 2018, 10:54:19 AM »
Tired politics so time for something completly unrelated to politics,some time ago I made up some bulk
 fill co2 cylanders for the Gamo G1200 and co2 extreme rifles i use controlling pest birds in warehouses
 etc,I had some major issuses get effective seals in fill valves,due to I found out using the wrong
 material for the seals,Having no finally resolved the seal ussues,the fill valves are now working and sealing
 as should do.Chronoing both guns brought up some interesting things,now having 36 grams of liquid
 co2 in a rifle that nornally used 12 gram disposibles,completly changed how this rifle performs,40 full power
 shots was normal from 12 grams,was expecting to get approx 120 shots from 36 grams being three times
 the previous capacity,that turned out to right,but it completly change how rifle performed,right from first
 shot and for 120 shots velocity stayed within the usual 535/545fps it normaly gave for approx 35 shots
 and didnt drop off until all the liquid co2 had run out,pretty pleased with that,as normally on 12 gram
 disposibles velocity started to drop of bout 30 shots,dont understand exactly how pressures work with
 small co2 sources but assume it got to do with amount of liquid in cylander to some degree,
 What became obvious to me was the larger amount liquid in 36 gram cylander seemed keep pressures
 more constistent and didnt really change until all the liquid was gone,then velocitys dropped pretty much
 instantly,rather than slowly as with 12 gram over the last 10/12 shots etc.
 Wasnt chasing extra power in either rifle just better economy,but end result being the accuracy has got
 significantly better and so good in first place,interesting if nothing else and got nothing do with politics
 which is like kicking a dead horse ,that kicking isnt going to change the fact its dead eh!!
 Mintie you the co2 man thought this may interest you,as bulk filling seems have other advantages than
 economy that i wasnt aware of.
 cheers mike

General Airgun Discussion / Re: Importing airguns
« on: December 02, 2018, 10:24:41 AM »
I tend be on same page as Akzle on this subject and for same reasons.gun laws like all laws only target
 those they know will comply with them,idiots and criminals by definition are not going to comply with any
 law that dosnt suit them,yet are the very ones we are told these laws are put in place to control,but end
 result is these laws put controls on every one else for no valid or effective reasons that have absolutly
 no effect on the idiots and criminals we are told are the real targets of these laws,most laws are about
 gathering revenue by means of taxs on those who cant avoid paying these taxs as the wealthy seem
 able to,the rest are all about politics and social engineering designed to control us peasants and stop us
 revolting against the weathy elete who hold power over us peasants and will do anything to hold that
 power over the masses,if anyone believes its any different i suggest they read up on history,its allways
 been this way. There is no such thing as a true democratic polititcal system,where all are equal,never has
 been and never will be either,the only real difference between feudalism and modern democrocy is the
 illusion the masses actually have a real say in how the system works,when that has never been the truth.
 The real truth the wealthy allways hold power and have no intention of letting go that power either,to
 believe otherwise is to delude your self.
 cheers mike

Modifications / Re: Trying to fix a leak
« on: December 01, 2018, 09:57:20 AM »
As you know Paul I am fan air arms guns,but seem remember some time back there being lot complants
 bout certain guns,started bout time air arms started exporting to US they started having QC probs,
 possibly got too big too fast trying to meet US demand,but that issuse was resolved,possibly your rifle
 may have been made in that time period and ended up here,been inside several air arms pcps now and
 never seen tubing like yours in any them,previous post bout the form dies is right,only takes a tiny bit dirt
 inside a die to do this damage,due to the pressures inside forming die,but tube should never have got past
 inspection at air arms,any strutual damage to tubing used at the constant pressures pcp hold is bloody
 dangerous,as can simplily let go at any time without warning when under pressures,i would have a go at air
 arms but dont like your chances getting it replaced by them as I have found air arms customer service to
 be not that good,maybe was just me,but I havnt had much luck with them,others may have but I didnt.
 cheers mike

General Airgun Discussion / Pellets
« on: December 01, 2018, 09:39:26 AM »
Now I have my bulk filled co2 pest shooting rifles back on line,i needed more the specific pellets I use in
 them having allmost run out of these cheap locally made Diana/Kilwel branded pellets both rifles give the
 best accuracy with and being the only pellets one rifle will feed tru its shuttle feed system,but couldnt get
 any locally,so found a rather expenisive alternative that worked thru the fussy rifle,but damned things just
 wounldnt hold a group.both these rifles pretty accurate with the other pellets capable of keeping 5 shots
 into approx 25 cal hole at 15/18 yards,new expenisive pellets which measured exactly the same on heads
 and skirts couldnt keep 5 shots inside 1 inch at same distances,so were bloody useless to me,so now got
 allmost 500 of shotgun pellets,trouble is I dont own a shotgun eh!!Just goes to show that price dosnt
 allways mean better I guess.
 Started using these cheap localy nz made pellets years ago simply coz were cheap readily acailable in co2
 plinking pistols as we went thru so many pellets,but was surprised just how well made they are for weight
 diameters etc so tryed them out in accurate rifles and found they shot extremely well,and been using
 them in sub 12fpe rifles ever since,Ron young told me while back the machinery used to make these
 pellets had been sold to Aussie company and was being taken to Aussie,probly why finding it hard to find
 these pellets now,which is totally pissing me off,just one more nz company been taken over by an over
 seas company and shut down locally.
 Getting hard to find nz made things of any sort today as every thing good made localy seems to end up
 being made off shore these days,and they wonder where all our jobs go eh!!
 cheers mike

General Airgun Discussion / Re: precharged hunting pistols
« on: December 01, 2018, 09:16:15 AM »
Further to my post on issuses I was having with co2 seals on my bulk fill cylanders expanding and blocking
 the fill valves,preventing them filling properly,finally tracked down the correct seals got them yeasterday
 problem now successfully resolved.
 The first seals used had come from a paintball suppier I had purchase the before with no issuses,apparently
 the supplier got shipment labelled incorrectly as were not aware of this till I contacted them,so good result
 all round.Shuk industrys came thru for me once again,they well used to me turning up and asking for dumb
 things when comes to seals for airguns,and have allways sorted them out for me successfully.
 Good to have a local company that can actually make all types seals and gaskets,they can even make head
 gaskets for vintage cars,amazing what these guys can make,just putting a plug in for awsume nz company
 who are willing to make seals for things you no longer get seals for at good prices as well.
 cheers mike

General Airgun Discussion / Re: Importing airguns
« on: December 01, 2018, 08:53:34 AM »
I fully understand where you are coming from Hugh,dont get me wrong I am not against our police,quiet
 the opposite,but dont wear rose colured glasses either when it comes to our police,after 50 years in
 dealing with our police as a firearms owner and user,dealer,collector,pistol shooter and commercial ammo
 maker,my experieces in dealing with them are very different to yours,I have allways been on the other side
 of the desk to where you sat,generally my experences have been possitive, but allways so,there has been a
 significant slow change in polices attitude to guns,gun owners in general over the past 25 years that has
 become very one eyed,its becoming to be their way or no way,the attitute to airguns has done a complete
 360 degree turn in that our police now consider even toy airguns to be dangerous weaponsand have used
 the media to push that idea as well,its now become possible for idiots to use toy soft airguns as weapons
 simplily because police gave very successfully convinced many of public they are dangerous weapons,so
 giving many in public there are a great many of real guns of this type out there in wrong hands,making
 it appear that our country is awash with illegal handguns,when that is not the real truth of the matter.
 The odds of some teenage wana be gangster actually having a real handgun when robbing the local dairy
 is 99.9% the opposite and police know this very well too.But what this has done is to give these idiots the
 means to commit this sort crime with toy guns simplily because the publice believed the police.
 The blame for this type of crime now being possible lays entirely on our own police giving these idiots the
 means to doso,This attitude is behind any airgun that lookes remotely like any type of firearm now being
 included in our firearms laws but the difinition of what this constitutes beening left deliberatly vage.
 You and I never going to agree on any this Hugh,and thats ok,we dont need get in a bun fight over it,just
 agree to disagree and stay on friendly terms.I am a realist,I know we never going to change any thing
 arguing about it with government or amongst our selves eh!! so now point in doing so,We have to live
 within whatever laws they come up with,lets just hope they keep them reasonbly sane eh!!
 We got lot better than the poor Aussies thats for sure,but have been told by friend qiute hi up in nz police
 that there are some in nz police pushing for the same rules here as in  Aussie,lets hope that dosnt
 happen eh!!but it is on the table with our police.
 cheers mike

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