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Hunting / Re: The last kill with 45cal cattle slayer
« on: Today at 08:31:59 AM »
i was taught by my father who was a hellva good deer hunter that any gun capable of putting two shots into
 a diner plate sized paper plate shooting off hand unsupported will allways bring home the meat and he was
 right,big bore projectiles dont have to expand like modern smaller caliber bullets do to get the same result
 they punch a big hole to start with,having done lot hunting with bigbore lead bullets i know from experience
 how they work,its not unusual for a deer hit well with a big 45 cal bullet not to react as if they took a good
 hit,they either just stand there and slowly fall over,or run a short distance then fall over,they tend to react
 very much like one shot with a bow,unless head shot they rarely just drop on the spot as they do with a
 modern hi vel rifle,that has massive hydostatic shock effects from the hi velocity bullet,the only real
 difference between a 45 cal round ball or heavier bullet is the bullet will normally pass right thru the animal
 the wound chanel is bassicaly the same a big hole,velocity in my experience dosnt seem make much
 difference with big bore guns as long there enuf velocity to drive the projectile far enuf into the animal
 to cause damage large enuf to kill the animal.
 300fps on target with a 45 cal ball will do that just fine,many the US buffs shot by big bore black powder
 rifles at long range at quite low velocity had enuf velocity left at 500yds to drive a 45/50 cal lead bullet
 thru both shoulders of these large animals,and were proberly only doing 400fps at 500 yds,of course the
 heavier the bullet the more energy it carries and the harder it will be to stop on target even at these low
 velocitys,hunting with a big bore airgun is very simialler to hunting with these old low vel black powder
 cheers mike

Hunting / Re: The last kill with 45cal cattle slayer
« on: February 22, 2019, 08:13:29 AM »
to be honest Hugh i very rarely use even my rimfire firearms these days and havnt used any of my hi power
 hunting rifles for several years now,got rid many of my firearms including all my shotguns and handguns
 some years ago,simply coz i never used them,my days of going overseas to hunt are long gone now,i can
 do pretty much every thing i need and want to do for hunting and shooting very well with my airguns today
 and as you say the ammo is cheaper than firearms,its never been legal to hunt with handguns using
 firearms in this country any way,thats why i love my pcp pistols and for all intents and purposes i can
 legally and effectively hunt what i want to hunt very well with the air pistols any way,unlike Hidayat i have
 no further interest in hunting larger game with either pcp rifles or pistols,i am a serial rabbit hunter and
 have been since was a kid growing up in rural nz and living where i do there are plenty of rabbits and other
 small game to hunt with my airguns,am allmost 70 old now mate,the hills and bush just hard on my old
 battered body these days any way,but fortunatly they invented quad bikes just for old buggas like me to
 get around on eh!!tho i have rifle rack on the quad,i find the handguns lot easier to carry and used these
 days,but not as easy to shoot accuratly as a rifle,they certainly put the challenge back into small game
 hunting as i have to get lot closer even with a 30fpe handgun than i need for a rifle to clean shot a 30fpe
 pcp handgun certainly got plenty power out to 50/60 yards i just no longer have the pistol shooting skills
 i used to have to be able to do so lol,so try keep my pistol hunting out to around 25/30yds at max these
 days the result of getting old and dodery mate,i just hope the arms act review dosnt come down on my
 pcp handguns and take my ablity to use them as i now away from me for purely political reasons but i
 fear that may end up being the case,as we seem to be as a society today afflicted with a growing number
 of idiots and criminals who use airguns as weapons,which of course does effect how our police view all
 airguns today,so am not expecting any thing good to come out of this review regarding airguns in
 general and particually the pistols.
 cheers mike

Hunting / Re: The last kill with 45cal cattle slayer
« on: February 21, 2019, 11:23:05 AM »
i have brought up the subject of foot pounds of energy and how many seem to believe it is a true indictation
 of a guns power,when in fact it very little to do with how any gun or projectile actually works on meat and
 bone in a hunting situation,in fact FPE has no relevence to how any combination of velocity and projectile
 weight performs at all, except on a steel plate,FPE is the amount of energy it takes to move that steel
 plate a known measured distance realitive to the known weight of that plate hanging on a ballistic
 pendulum,this was an early form of chronograph,as once the amount of energy required to doso was known
 the velocity of the projectile could then be calculated,this is all done today by electronic chronos,as FPE only
 takes into account projectile weight and velocity,but dosnt take into account bore size the material the projectile is made off and how that projectile will perform on contact with flesh and bone the amount of energy it takes to move a steel plate on a pendulum is totally irrellevent,so putting this fact into its true
 context means that lets say in 30 cal a 60gr round ball/60 lead bullet and 60 pellet at the same 650 fps
 all have the same 56 fpe but each projectile will behave and perform on soft target very differently,the
 fragile pellet will proberly deform a little proberly not exit the target and dump more of its 56 fpe into the
 target then the bullet or ball both of which will proberly pass clean thru the target and expend that 56 fpe on the ground behind the target,ballistically the bullet on paper will be the best projectile but the pellet
 and will hold its velocity better than either ball or pellet the pellet due to its shape will lose velocity the
 fastest,comparing a 22 fpe 177 and 22fpe 22 rifles the 177 firing a 10.34gr pellet the 22 firing a 16gr
 pellet,both are equal on paper the 177 will likely shoot much flatter due having the higher velocity than the 22,but the 22 will be the better performer for hunting due to its larger diameter and heavier pellet,i
 know from my own experience those little 177 110.34gr pellets will out penertrate the larger 22 pellets
 and wastes much of its energy on ground behind the target,while the larger 22 pellet will rarely exit the
 target dumping all or most its 22fpe into the target and making bigger hole and causing more damage,
 therefore the 22 is the better choice for hunting yet both on paper are equal in fpe but one is more effective than the other,tho both will do the job,my point is that its not the amount of fpe on paper that really matters it really all comes done to how any projectile behaves on target and how much of that energy it can then dump into the target and how much traumatic damage it then does to that target as how effective it will be for hunting,the other side of this is that a rather small caliber very hi velocity
 projectile can cause a lot of damage allso due to the hydro scopic damage caused by the hi velocity
 projectle passing often completely thru the target or by tumbling and deformind inside the target,this is
 the concept behind modern militery cartridges,the intention is to cause devastating but not neccessily
 fatal wounds which is very different to hunting really all comes down to terminal ballistics once a
 projectile has entered the target as how effective it will be or what those effects will be,for hunting of any
 type the goal is to have the projectile to if possible remain in the target and dump all its energy into the
 target causing as much trauma as possible to totally disable the target and kill as fast as possible .
 it dosnt matter if the target is a rat or a deer this is the result that should be wanted.
 cheers mike

Hunting / Re: The last kill with 45cal cattle slayer
« on: February 19, 2019, 09:00:33 AM »
round balls should allways give a predicable trajectory if velocity is constant from shot to shot the same as
 any other type projectile does,being lighter that a normal bullet in same caliber they give higher velocitys
 so tend to shoot flatter ,but lose velocity faster than a heavier bullet due to their poor ballistic shape etc,
 so are better at shorter distances tho dont produce as much energy on target as the heavier bullets so are
 not as effective as bullets.thats the bassic jist of it but there little more to it than that,
 wind has bigger effect on low velocity round balls than doses on bullets allso eg! 180gr round ball at 2000
 fps out muzzle loader is a very diffent thing to 180gr round ball at 650fps out of a pcp pistol,putting that
 into true context a 455 webley cartridge drives a 260 gr round nosed lead bullet at 650fps and is one the
 lowest powered service cartridges ever used,i wouldnt even consider using a 455 revolver to hunt deer or
 shot one unless i was standing on it,the 45 cal pcp pistol used with 180gr lead ball isnt even close to being
 in same power class as the 455 webely so there would be a certain amount of luck involved in killing a
 deer with either that has to be taken into account here,and lot of skill needed to do so allso and the credit
 for that skill has to go to the shooter for sure,fact is i and others i know have shoot several deer with 22
 rinfires over the years at close range ,but dosnt make the 22 rimfire as suitable choice to hunting deer
 with eh!!there was at lest one african elephant that was killed with one shot in brain fron above with a
 22 rimfire revolver many years ago by two scientists the elephant had force to climb a tree and was
 proceeding to demolish the tree,this is a verifiable incident that did take place,but no one in their right
 mind would go hunting elephants with a 22 rimfire handgun eh!!and expect to survive either,it all comes
 down to perfect bullet placement and the balls n skill of the man behind the gun ,its really all bout fully
 understanding you gun and your capablitys in using days gone by and forgotten by most now guns
 were no where near as accurate or powerfull as those today and did the job perfectly well for those using
 them,hunting with big bore pcp airguns today is very simialler to hunting with black powder guns in the
 17/1800s,they are far more efective than they may seem on paper.
 cheers mike

Hunting / Re: The last kill with 45cal cattle slayer
« on: February 17, 2019, 07:54:56 AM »
i have shoot several deer with muzzle loading 45/50 cal rifles using round balls in years gone by at approx
 100yds its allways the same with round balls,they rarely drop on the spot unless bone is hit and the ball
 flattens out and expandz causing more damage etc,a round ball not very heavy conpared to a bullet in
 same caliber and not ballistically a good projectile once distances get out a bit,wind affects round balls lot
 more than a heavier longer bullet as well i did lot testing loading round balls in 30 and 45 cal cartridge
 firearms looking for light but effective short range rabbit and possum loads to use in deer hunting rifles
 on deer hunting trips,never loaded the balls over 1000fps but they worked extremely well out to 100 yds
 even on goats if i put ball in right place,dont know what velocity your 45 pistol putting out but assume ball
 weighed approx 180 gr so even at 600fps its packing bit energy at muzzle,but like all round balls it would
 lose velocity fast so was quite amazed when you said distance you took shot at on how well it did its job,
 having shot several deer out to 100yds and further with hi powered 44/45 cal revolvers in years gone by
 with big heavy 300/310 gr lead bullets,they never dropped on the spot,these bullets always completely
 penertated the animal and did lot damage on way thru,the deer was dead just didnt know it yet eh!!
 a heart shot animal will allways run some distance with any gun ,but have to say i wouldve thought twice
 bout taking the same shot even with a 44mag unless had a really steady rest and a scoped gun,not a fan
 of dot sights for hunting past 25yds the dot gets too bit to be accurate so your scopes a good choice for
 hunting,be interested to know how round ball performed and how far it penetrated etc,if you concerned
 bout you ablity to take longer shots,just change you tactics and get bit closer,hand gun hunting is very
 much like bow hunting,closer is allways better no matter how powerful the gun,closer is allways better on
 larger game when comes to hand guns.
 done lot my handgun hunting using open sights simply coz i like the added challenge hunting with an
 open sighted handgun,but never take shots past 50/60 yds with open sights on larger animals,and
 believe me 50yds feels way too close to a big dangerous big Aussie buffalo and a big powerfull 44/45
 magnum revolver looks pretty small mate as have seen the bid buggas get up from big bore powerful
 rifles at times,but the excitment is pretty awsume when you fire that shot,so know how you felt when
 that deer went done,its something you wont forget eh!!i would been just as proud myself if had done the
 same with a 44 mag mate,dont you dare give up hunting with your pistol,we will all miss your posts if
 you did,there not many kiwis who have hunted with handguns of any sort so its a pretty exclusive club
 you now belong to and to have done so with an air pistol is even more exclusive.
 cheers mike

For Sale, Wanted, Spotted / Re: WTB: CNC machinists skills
« on: February 11, 2019, 06:52:53 PM »
both easy jobs dont need cnc do those on standard mill,trickest job would be the radious cut on palm shelf
 and can be done easily enuf using rotary table on standard mill once set up by any half decent machinist
 dont have time to do them at moment,pm me and will giv you my land line no,and we see if can sort
 something out for you .
 cheers mike

Hunting / Re: The last kill with 45cal cattle slayer
« on: February 11, 2019, 06:42:57 PM »
i been hunting and shooting handguns for allmost 40 years mate,nothing gay bout using a rest to steady
 and hold gun,i got arthritus in fingers of both hands from many years working outside in all weathers
 prob very simialler to you,thats never guna stop me using a handgun for any purpose and no reason should stop you either,that deer would been long shot even with an accurate 44 mag and i done my share off
 shooting 44 and other handguns,i would been proud pull that shot off as you did with a 44 mag revolver
 as relistically that shot was right at practical and ethical limit even for the magnum in fact i wouldnt have taken it without a very steady rest and scoped gun,you just need do as i have done pass up the longer
 shots and just get closer,think bout it the 44mag lot more powerful than your pistol yet you put bullet in
 right place mate and the gun did the job,thats a credit to you,not a valid reason to quit,some thing you have got very good at,hell lot shooters use shooting sticks with a rifle so no shame in using them with a
 handgun,there nothing macho bout taking only free hand shots with a handgun,truth is thats for idiots and the movies mate.
 cheers mike

General Airgun Discussion / Re: Alloy pellets? waste of time?
« on: February 11, 2019, 11:05:19 AM »
you never going to know what the true fpe your rifle produces unless you get it chronoed with all the different pellets you using,then calculate the fpe from the actual chrono velocitys,most good 22 springers i
 have chroned give approx 750 fps with 14.3 gr pellets this works out at approx 17 rifle should be
 in this fpe range i would think as this bout average for a 22 springer today.they allso take at lest 500
 pellets to shoot in before they settle down to their full power etc.
 cheers mike

For Sale, Wanted, Spotted / Re: WTB: CNC machinists skills
« on: February 11, 2019, 09:00:11 AM »
the facts are that its possible to make just bout any thing using quite bassic tools if you want it bad enuf
 how well whatever that happens to be largely comes down to patience and a certain degree of stubborness
 working in metal is like any thing else,its a learned skill,and if you dont try you will never achieve  those
 skills eh!! and practice makes perfect and as Hugh said there is allways some thing very satisfying about
 making some thing yourself and doing a good job of it.
 cheers mike

General Airgun Discussion / Re: Alloy pellets? waste of time?
« on: February 09, 2019, 08:55:03 AM »
without a doubt you right Hugh bout distance with light alloy pellets,they will lose velocity much faster than
 a heavier lead pellet so simply wont travel as far and will have rain bow like trajectorys after very short distances of travel,bout only use i can see for them is to boost velocitys in co2 pistols at shorter distances,
 they came about due to some places in US and other countrys banning lead for duck shooting and small
 game hunting using airguns,in some US states lead bullets and airgun pellets are now banned along with
 shotgun pellets etc,so lead free ammo their only choice now,same here with duck hunting shorguns.
 down side shooting lead free alloy pellets in you favourite airgun is they leave residue behind in barrel,this
 must be removed before going back to lead pellets in that rifle or accuracy will suffer due to the alloy
 residue in barrel stripping lead off lead pellets and then building up in barrels etc,same thing as happens
 with firearms when changing over to lead bullets,the copper fouling from jacketed bullets has to be
 removed before shooting lead bullets to maintain accuracy,or same effects will happen,as to any real
 advanages coming from using these light weight alloy lead free pellets!! i cant see any advanages in
 using them in rifles either.Tend to agree with Akzle on this one i have never seen a pellet bounce off a
 myna either,but they seem be bit harder to kill than some other birds at times,proberly just tough buggas
 eh!!as have had on occassions had to shoot the odd one twice,have shot plenty with a 8fpe co2 rifle with
 no issuses at shorter distances but they so wary round here that dosnt happen these days lucky if can get
 closer to them round here than 40 yds and thats getting further all the time,thats why i like my hi
 velocity pcp rifles i can reach out and touch them qiute some distance with these rifles,when cant the 17
 HMR will come out again and that day is fast approaching as magpies now on to me big time as well.
 cheers mike

For Sale, Wanted, Spotted / Re: WTB: CNC machinists skills
« on: February 08, 2019, 09:20:41 PM »
shouldnt need to cnc those jobs trigger guards easy nuf to make and the other cant be that hard either,dont
 need cnc to make most things unless you guna make several of them,not worth the cost the time to put
 on cad and program the machine for one off jobs,both these should be straight foreward simple jobs on a
 mill Akzle right would cost lot beer,post some drawings and will have look at it.
 cheers mike

General Airgun Discussion / Re: Alloy pellets? waste of time?
« on: February 08, 2019, 09:11:55 PM »
i tryed some alloy 177 cal Paul gave me and found them surprisingly accurate in a pcp target pistol but
 havnt tryed them on mynas in a higher powered rifle,mynas can be tough buggas i hate the bloody things
 and am a serial killer of them i find a high powered 177 better than a 22 on them,i find the higher the
 velocity the better on mynas,i use polymag prediter 16 gr 22 pellets at 950 fps works well,my other 22 only
 gets bout 830fps with same pellet weight and 860 fps with 14,3 gr accupells and have killed prob thousands
 of them now with that rifle,but thats with head or center chest shots only,as found any where else just
 dosnt allways do the job on them my 177 rifle drives 10.34gr jsb domed pellets at 980fps according to
 my chrono and absolutly spiflicates them out past 50 yds,accurracy the key with any airgun,havnt chronoed
 one your rifles so cant give you an accurate velicity to expect from one,just find a domed pellet thats very
 accurate and learn to shoot rifle well and try keep your shots at 25yds max and it do the job if you put the
 pellets in right place gamo mag pellets only good for melting down to make sinkers most gamo pellets the same.
 cheers mike

For Sale, Wanted, Spotted / Re: WTB: CNC machinists skills
« on: February 08, 2019, 07:32:51 AM »
you dont want to discount the old hacksaw and files mate they allways work if all else fails eh!!
 cheers mike

General Airgun Discussion / Re: DIY dry pac for hand pump
« on: February 08, 2019, 07:27:12 AM »
one thing to consider these glues all made from oil based products and we all know how oil and hpa react,
 dont know if this is relevent Paul but caution is better than possibly destroying a gun or losing possibly
 a finger or two if the two react,possibly you could get the plastic welded by panel beater as they weld
 plastic car bumpers and bike parts etc,,you can weld any plastic i believe as long as you use same type
 plastic to do welding,they now weld all plastic pipe used for water pipes on site,like the idea you came up
 with as proper dry pacs far too expensive for what they consist of,i could proberly machine you up an alloy
 tube mate,no glue required there,or make one up from alloy tubing,give me call and we can kick that
 option around for you and see what we can come up with.
 cheers mike

General Discussion / Re: Police shooting at car.
« on: February 05, 2019, 11:35:38 AM »
i could get right into this topic but what have to say would be just kicking an allready dead horse so is
 pointless as it will change nothing nz police will do whatever suits them just as they allways have in past
 they will cover this the latest of many very clearly dodgy shooting incidents up to protect the guilty party
 if thats whats required just as they allways have done,to expect other wise would be to totally delude
 myself.cheers mike

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