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Modifications / Re: My latest CO2 2250 tune
« Last post by Dvlnme on Today at 04:20:48 PM »
tho pcp guns are by far my preferred airguns,i do still have a soft spot for certain co2 airguns,the 2240/
 2250 being some those guns,tho i now prefere the cpi as a platform to build hi performance co2 guns on,
 a well set up 2240 will give approx 16/17 shots at a round 12/13 fpe in 22 cal which even tho i buy co2
 12gr disposables in bulk 100 at time for approx $1,50 each makes for rather expensive shooting at $8,8
 cents a shot plus pellets etc. on bulk fill i get 416 12gr equivelent per 5kgs co2,as i get my bulk co2 for
 free in the form of out date co2 fire extingishers,normally my costs are nil,but god forbid i ever have to
 have a 5kg extinisher tested n refilled the cost is $80/100,i get 16,000 shots at 40 shots equivelent per 12
 gr from most my guns,even at 17 shots per 12 gr eqiuvlent that works out at 24cents per 12gr of co2,as i
 fire approx 4000 shots a year thru the co2 guns on average,thats 4 years of co2 from one 5kg cylander
 at 40 shots per 12gr co2,at 17 shots per 12gr of co2 that works out at over 7000 shots per 5kg of co2.
 evan paying for the co2 at $ per 5kg thats 23 cents per 12gr co2,a huge difference from $ 1.50 min for a
 12gr disposable,cost me $ 150 to set up for bulk filling,thats a one of cost,just like setting up for a pcp
 fill station,and very soon pays for its self,the bonus being i never run out co2 for years even if i never
 get another free co2 extingisher,but as have more than can ever use now thats never guna happen eh!!
 so am very keen on setting up all my co2 guns on bulk fill, and believe me i will allways figure out how to
 bulk fill any co2 gun that i like enuf to own,bulk filling co2 guns a bit a thing with me,but am not into
 slapping huge 9oz co2 bottles onto my guns,coz they big ,heavy n just plain ugly to me,and not  really
 necessery either,so i never modify any gun from how it looks in factory trim,i hate those qb78s with
 bloody great big 9 oz bottles hanging off them and others like them too,to me nothing looks as rediculous
 as a lovely old crosman mk 1/2 pistol with 9 oz bottle hanging off the pistol grip as many seem do today
 bulk filling a co2 2240 pistol nicely isnt hard,dosnt need complete new longer co2 cylander.a nice compact
 screw in extention looks much better and works just fine too,36cc plenty co2 plenty for a pistol and gives
 50 shots at 17 shots per 12gr equivelent in nice looking and handling pistol, or carbine,no exposed hoses
 or large co2 bottles,just a nice gun with decent shot count.
 cheers mike
Members Reviews / Re: Gamo G Challenger
« Last post by Dvlnme on Today at 10:24:02 AM »
this starting to sound like some my projects,that started out simple,yhen went over board very quickly eh!!
 and turned into a major excercise that cant walk away from evan tho you know you proberly should eh!!
 all part the fun messing round with airguns eh!!prob some medical name for this illness many us seem to
 have caught,my prob is i am exactly the same with firearms,so got it twice as bad lol
 cheers mike
Modifications / Re: My latest CO2 2250 tune
« Last post by Dvlnme on Today at 10:15:21 AM »
i would go to bulk fill and use the same screw in bulk fill units i made up for my gamo g1200 rifle,these just
 screw into end cap threads and are intercgangable with end can use both 12 gr disposables and
 bulk fill units,with no modes needed to tube, the one i made for the g1200 holds 36 gr co2,very light
 weight be made alloy,bout 6 inchs long and one inch 2024 t3 tubing,fill valve in the front,with qiuck snap
 fitting,and works very well,allso tryed it on hpa at 1100 psi just out curriosty,got 10 good shots from 1100
 down to 800psi as per follows.580/591.4/574.4/571.1/570.5/545.8/550.8/538.6/535.4/531.6. for average
 of558.9,extreme spread of48.5 fps over 10 shots.averge fpe went up slightly to 5.2fpe from 4.8fpe on co2.
 upshot being now going to make a decadicated regulated hpa cylander,reg set to 950/1000psi,with 3000psi
 fill pressure that will interchange with 12gr disposables/36gr bulk fill cylander/reged hpa cylander,just for
 the hell of it as this will give me bassiacally a reged pcp unit for rifle as well the co2 options,as have
 allready done for a gamo co2 extreme rifle,this rifle on hpa gives 11.5fpe up from 8.5fpe on
 modds were made to either rifle valves etc.
 did post some pics while back i think of these co2/hpa cylanders,prob in mod thread some where.
 good way to do bulk fill n hpa conversions without modifying the guns,and can still use disposable co2 etc
 as most will kno i cant post pics myself,so usually have wingman doso for me any one wants some pics
 how i made these will have ask him to put some up if i send them to him first but his such nice guy he
 noramally doso for me.
 cheers mike
Members Reviews / Re: Gamo G Challenger
« Last post by Pauly5 on Today at 08:38:16 AM »
Kind of like gamo scabies?
Modifications / Re: My latest CO2 2250 tune
« Last post by Mintie on Today at 08:15:44 AM »
Extending the amount of co2 on board a 2250 isnt easy without it looking and feeling cumbersome but I have a cunning plan for my next build in .25! Stay tuned
Modifications / Re: My latest CO2 2250 tune
« Last post by FLUB on October 21, 2018, 09:20:57 PM »
That's really good shot to shot consistency and I see the 13fpe as a bonus. My 2250 is 10.50fpe with nothing changed except fitting a LH breach, 24" barrel and your  carbon over-the-barrel suppressor. Next strip I'll work on the valve, polish the trigger and fit a stronger hammer spring. No need for any power adjustment as I'm happy to run full power always as I only shoot bunnies in my own paddock and prefer to learn the rifle characteristics.

My LH Hammerli 850 with custom walnut stock is still my favourite rifle, but the 2250 has grown on me as it's so easy and quick to handle. Dvlneme has a good idea about extending the cylinder to ssomehow fit more gas. I have an adapter for my 850 that takes 2 x 12g cartridges instead of the 80g cartridge. I'll have a look to see if that's a possibility. Although I think the 2250 is self piercing on the first shot, so won't be able to keep the gas valve open.
For Sale, Wanted, Spotted / .25 Pellet Gauge and FX Pellets
« Last post by GriffyGriff on October 21, 2018, 01:30:54 PM »
Pellet Gauge and unopened tins of .25 FX Pellets for sale on Trade Me
PM me if you want the bundle
Members Reviews / Re: Gamo G Challenger
« Last post by Novagun on October 20, 2018, 03:22:28 PM »
I have had the steel spring in the Challenger for a while now. A GRT 4g trigger now and it is shooting pretty well.  At the small bore range it was shooting just as well as the HW 77. It is a bit lighter than the 77 and I thought there was a suggestion of spring buzz. Maybe that just shakes the barrel a little bit.
Anyway, I have changed back to the gas ram. There can't be any spring buzz now but it is harder to cock. And I think there is no piston bounce as there is with a spring.
Just as accurate on the short range but the next shoot at the small bore range will tell. That will be the first test with the GRT and ram.

Gamos. they get under your skin if you let them.
General Discussion / Re: tahr cull
« Last post by Vault on October 19, 2018, 08:47:25 PM »

Shame Sage wasnt on it.

General Discussion / Re: tahr cull
« Last post by Dvlnme on October 19, 2018, 06:35:40 PM »
this unwarrented cull has allready proved to be far too expenisve,as hasnt even started and cost three men
 their lives and that possibly wont be the last men killed either during this operation,i was involved in these
 type chopper operations many years ago on deer in simialer country/mountians etc,its bloody dangerous
 work.seen too many chopper crashes i lost good friends in during that time,lost few more since in same
 way,hellva dangerous way to earn a living,you got be nut case to want have fly the way needed to do this
 type of work,or young n dumb as i was.not worth mens lives in what is really just a feel good political goal
 for the greenies who dont have to do the work,or chasing huge profits for chopper operaters,which is what
 this cull is really all about.
 cheers mike
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