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For Sale, Wanted, Spotted / Re: Tanks, and fill gear wanted
« Last post by Pauly5 on Today at 06:22:22 PM »
Hi  Mike, that sounds good. I am up your way around Sept 10, might pop in, meet you face to face and have a look at your pistols too.
Modifications / Re: Daisy 790 max power modification
« Last post by Mintie on Today at 04:16:27 PM »
Had a good look at this project and decided to derail it. The wall thickness of the barrel would be far too small and profiling it down that thin would more likely than not do some serious damage to the bore. Opening up the hole in the top of the pistol wasn't viable either.

Dont worry - I still plan to use this barrel on a sody to see what power a 25 cal CO2 can achieve. I will probably create a Crosman 2550.
For Sale, Wanted, Spotted / Re: Tanks, and fill gear wanted
« Last post by Dvlnme on August 13, 2018, 02:11:02 PM »
got one tank going free paul out test  now,was one got given n had tested couple years ago,should pass
 again ok,just never used it again as have other tanks etc,think its only rated for 2900/ few others here was given allso,but never got round to having them tested,but prob ok too,as said they free.
 cheers mike
General Airgun Discussion / Re: converting a pcp air rifle to a pistol
« Last post by Dvlnme on August 13, 2018, 09:44:51 AM »
as akzle says if u got firearms lic just go for it,as pcp rifles not registered as a firearm would be if msa /
 handgun or machine gun,you can then pretty much do what you like with it once its in your possecion
 so cutting a pcp rifle down isnt an issuse,if was a firearm it would be illegal to shorten it below 762mm
 as this then becomes legally a pistol,but same dosnt apply to a pcp rifle as its not a firearm,allso pcp
 pistols dont require a lic at present,go for it n stop worrying about the legal side,my opinion is as long as
 the pcp rifle is legally owned,you can then do what you want with it.
 cheers mike
i have chooks and shoot them with a 22cal spring rifle without a scope as scopes not allways best choice
 for this job,just use my old bsa meteor rifle,its not a power house by any means yet does job perfectly
 well out to 10/12 meters i shoot my birds at,not fan of pistols for this work unless you really competent
 with handling a pistol,just too easy make a mistake with a pistol ,i shoot mine when they out in the yard
 just doing chook things,they quite never see it coming,the cage is good idea,i use a cage all the time to
 catch the feral cats around here and shoot them in the cage with a rifle or one my powerful precharged
 pistols as its lot easier to catch them in live trap and shoot them in cage than chasing them round the
 paddocks trying get a shot at them,the same would apply with your chooks.
 cheers mike
Modifications / Re: PCP pistol build challenge.
« Last post by Dvlnme on August 13, 2018, 08:57:32 AM »
like phil been rather busy got very little time in workshop either but did manage to get bit done on wills cpi
 project,i know its not a pcp project,but may end up being one eventually,but it will keep mintie happy eh!!
 the guts this project at moment was to make a new alloy grip/trigger guard to get rid off the ugly uit target
 type wooden grip to make it a better balanced n handling pistol,because these pistols have trigger unit
 block welded to the tube and bit further back than a 2240,coming up with a decent new pistol grip/
 trigger guard in alloy posed few challenges in positioning the grip,without making a new trigger setup a
 little further forward to impove the balance point etc,it is what it is,but worked out ok,i made a new spring
 retaining plug for tube extending it to rear by 20mm,this allso allowed me to ellinate to factory rear grip
 mounting screw that went into the rear of the spring retaining plug,i now use the screw thatholds plug in
 place and holds breech to the tube as rear grip retaining screw as well.
 i had intended to machine the new grip from thicker alloy plate an fit the trigger group inside,but didnt
 have the time,so made grip from 10mm plate the same thickness as trigger group block and concealed
 trigger group with two 1.5mm side plates,dosnt look quite as nice,but does same job just as well.
 grip ended up a little further to rear than wouldve liked,so it is wot it is on this one.
 as gun is very lightweight anyway,it actually balances quite nicely and sits well in the hand.
 grip shape was designed so sights line up properly when gun is raised to the eye,as gun has decent
 fully adjustable target sights and 11mm dove tail on breech for optics etc on a rather nice alloy breech
 and this one being 177 cal it comes with both single shot loading tray and a 9 shot mag its a pretty
 versitle set up,i tend to think these guns have all the same potentual for a tinkerer as a 2240 as far as
 modifying for better performance goes on better platform than a 2240 on co2,with potentual for bulk
 fill and a full blown regulated pcp version.
 we have only done mild tune up,beefed up hammer spring so far,just to perk it up a little for pest
 shooting,and will decide later what next upgrade will be.
 cheers mike
For Sale, Wanted, Spotted / Re: Daisy powerline 44 new mag needed
« Last post by Mintie on August 13, 2018, 07:06:59 AM »
I can't remember,  that was a long time ago!   From memory it was a second hand one and the only one he had.
For Sale, Wanted, Spotted / Re: Daisy powerline 44 new mag needed
« Last post by lgla008 on August 12, 2018, 07:02:59 PM »
Cheers for the reply. Out of curiosity who was the forum member that managed to help you out?
Modifications / Re: PCP pistol build challenge.
« Last post by username01 on August 12, 2018, 06:39:01 PM »

Not PCP, but still thought itís worth showing this CP1 pistol which is being modified for me.
Currently, the metal work is nearly completed and it will have some nice Kauri grips fitted.

For Sale, Wanted, Spotted / F/s: Custom 2240 bulk fill rifle
« Last post by jamesyd on August 12, 2018, 06:36:17 PM »
Only recently acquired, selling to free some funds. Started off life as a 2240, it has been fitted with a Hi flow TP, heavier hammer spring, 24" barrel, silencer adapter, power adjuster and steel breech. The gun has also had a Benjamin Discovery valve added, and pinned. It is running a GMAC bulk fill adapter. Has been run on HPA and Co2, making roughly 700fps on .22, higher on HPA. Comes with a 9oz co2 bottle, spare stock and grip, 3-9x40 Leapers stock, and some pellets. Pickup Albany. 600 ono
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