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JSB New Zealand
« on: April 16, 2014, 10:43:45 AM »
Greetings Airgunners,

I’d like to take the time to re-introduce myself as it was recently suggested by some of the leading field target shooters in the NZ community.

My name is Daniel, I work for a wholesale company in Auckland, Sportways Distributors - I’ve been with Sportways for almost 10 years now and love my job/ interacting with customers as well as getting out and about in the great outdoors. I’d previously been a member of the old forum and it has become well over due to stop by and say hi to everyone on the this new one!

We import into NZ a wide array of product mainly in the hunting & shooting markets and most importantly JSB Pellets which we have represented for the past 6 years.

Understandably there has been some confusion generated as a result of the recent announcement of plans to close the retail premise Sportways Gunshed. Most importantly for the Airgunners community is continuity of supply for JSB pellets. So I want to clear the air, JSB will continue to be available as they always have been through the website While the physical store is closing, we are currently working with our existing clients to appoint a new physical Auckland agent. The web store will continue to remain operational. Alternatively - you will also find JSB pellets in stock with the following agents.

JSB Agents;

Mag Air -
Guncity -

Back Ground -


Historically JSB was imported into NZ via sea freight, this was a timely process and required a large minimum weight to be economical which as a result reduced the frequency of shipments. The major concern with sea freight was the extended length of time product was be handled by carriers and the potential for damage to occur.

In the last two years we have migrated all JSB shipments over to Airfreight, comparative to sea freight we see almost instant delivery and the exposure has been significantly reduced as a result. The shipments have become smaller and more frequent also. For our customers, this means a greater array of product is almost always available.

Ordering & Handling;

Locally has taken considerable effort to change the way in which this type of product reaches you customers via mail order. Firstly tins are screened before dispatch, those that are questionable in terms of integrity are re classified as seconds and made available via the website as such - “Seconds/Old Stock …” All orders are shipped in specialized, small cartons which we use exclusively for shipping pellets. With a generous amount of void fill to avoid damage in transit to your door.


Credit must be given where credit is due, Gunshed initially picked up the agency for JSB pellets at the request of members of the airgunners forum. In honor of that relationship, we have always extended a 10% discount on JSB purchases to you guys. Simply mention in your order comments “airgunners forum” or similar and your order will be amended for the discount and your account modified so that you automatically receive the discount on future orders!

Future -

The future is looking very bright for JSB, the range is continuing to expand both at the JSB and what we carry in NZ, look forward to working with you all.

Sportways Team - Daniel & Danielle | |