Author Topic: Addenda to the book  (Read 1341 times)

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Addenda to the book
« on: December 21, 2014, 08:09:31 AM »
i dont know how i missed this sub forum!
Excellent idea! Which raises again me thinking about literature, brochures or info cards, even this, printed as an intro guide, to be distributed around sellers/clubs...

I do, however, have a few suggestions for alterations, which i will post more fully when at a pc.
So start this thread for anyone else to also do the same...

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Re: Addenda to the book
« Reply #1 on: December 24, 2014, 09:58:07 AM »
i would add mention of: firing line - no-one in front of it (or noone in front of a loaded gun)
shooting together
- about communicating with friends, family, children when shooting next to each other at home, ie.
 and expand on firing zone - fully described as "from the muzzle until the projectile stops", bearing in mind it may ricochet or pass through, also pay to mention dangers of firing at/over ridges, up trees etc

i would add the "CO2" nomenclature under carbon dioxide as it's common usage and might be unclear to n00bs

would mention fairy close to the beginning that FAL is required for PCP.

on that, it could be worth having a "getting your FAL" section and explanation of A-cat etc

Some pellets are pointed to assist penetration and some hollow pointed to improve hitting shock for hunting.

hitting shock more accurately described as energy transfer and hollow point generally designed for increased trauma/ tissue damage by means of expansion.
The little round steel balls called BBs fired out of unrifled guns derive their name from the size of the ball.

possibly worth expanding this to say that "BB" grade shotgun shot is nominally .177 diameter and that we generally use # shot now rather than A-F grading

under SIGHTS
i can reformat the thing more fully if anyone is interested...
HEADINGS and PICS needed
1- Irons
 V notch, tru glo, ghost ring, and pictures speak 1000 words! (technically, apertures also come under irons)
also you mention the 6 o'clock aiming, fine for targets but not necessarily quick draw, multiple target or speed shooting (pistols especially)

(image googled from here)

also, when shooting olympic pistol, you will have an even spaced (adjustable) gap either side of the front post, not so much with sporting guns where it's often a matter of filling the gap.



2- Halos
 red dots
I differentiate between those with magnification and a full tube (those come under illuminated reticle scope) and those without.
ie, IS a halo:


3- Telescopic / "Scope"
i would be clearer about the nomenclature, perhaps give examples (with pics)
Magnification (sometimes variable)  X  Objective Dia.
4  x  20
3-9  x  32
19-39  x 50

and mention reticle choices. (mildot, fine crosshair, post, windage indicated, illuminated)

i would also separate "setting up scopes" (ocular lens etc) to a different chapter, and include sighting in, mounting etc.

4 - aiming AIDS
 laser designators (laser pointer) are not sights, AFAIAC.

under HOW TO
stance - position of feet, esp standing. yes it's a matter of what works per shooter, that first pic looks hella uncomfy to me

 body angles (you did mention 45) also oblique and weaver (there's more to life than long guns!!) again here a picture speaks 1000 words. top-down pics of each body position relative to the firing angle are immensely helpful.

might pay to mention the no-bone-to-bone when kneeling/sitting (elbow-knee)

also, may be against competition rules, but cradling is effective in letting guns recoil flat.

also "lock time" refers to firing pin movement in firearms and has nothing to do with air guns.

under LAW and CLUBS
two separate chapters, surely?

Note that although an airgun is not a firearm it is treated as one for offences against the Arms Act.

no it isn't.
the arms act does have provisions for air guns, ie, under offenses "disharge a firearm OR AIRGUN in or near..."

legal advice is not legal instruction and if anyone has any cause to need to know they're advised to consult someone in the know, rather than the internet.

and it could pay to emphasise that a loaded magazine is considered a loaded gun, whether in a vehicle or not.

other than all that, facken good job, a lot of effort has gone into getting all that together and it will hopefully be a good starting point for new shooters.