Author Topic: No FAL - Wanting to import Air Force Talon PCP Pistol. Very confused by rules.  (Read 6319 times)

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Hi Some_Web_Guy
Just a thought I live in Canada and I think the import and gun laws are similar to NZ (awful). I would forget importing the gun. Buy one from a local retailer (is anything not local in NZ :0) and support them at the same time.  Quit fooling around, get a license. Once you have the paper work you will wonder why you waited because it opens so many possibilities.
One recommendation more that I would make is that a gun with the power of 20fpe is not very well suited to .25 cal. It will be very short range. Stick with .22 cal at that power level. I think for hunting you would be much happier.

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I`m in the same boat. after picking up air gun shooting after a 30 year absence I too have become addicted.
I have looked into the Air Talon, I would be interested in something similar and have also been shocked with the cost of a hand pump.
I`m sticking to CO2 at the moment. unless I can find a cheap PCP pistol I can charge from a Beer regulator and a Soda Stream bottle, I have those.

this is my first post so a Hello to everyone.