Author Topic: that was some electrical storm eh!!!!  (Read 244 times)

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that was some electrical storm eh!!!!
« on: April 13, 2018, 06:51:09 AM »
we just got power back on after two n half days no power,n like most us today,no power means nothing
 bloody works eh!no water no shithouse,freezers go done,no internet or phone,with every thing no on line
 you cant evan call faults either eh! they seem leave us country folk til last too,got used to that as we get
 lot power shut downs due mainly them doing no maintance til somthing goes wrong,been promising to
 sort power n phone lines out for years n done very little but patch things up to keep em going,well
 they finally gota replace our 70 year old pole trany now coz poor thing melted n caught fire this time.
 get tired hearing aucklanders bleating coz got no internet or phone service for couple hours,we can can
 lose it for weeks before they get round to repairing it for us,our internet so bloody slow barely works
 just bout quicker take half hour go town n talk to someone than email em!!thats if its working at all.
 Guna have buy new generater to keep water n freezers going,getting tired going water trough get water
 so can flush dunny,n throwing out many hundreds dollers worth food when power goes down for days.
 Thats my bleat,how did everyone else get on,only just autum eh,hope rest winter not gunna be like this
 cheers mike