Author Topic: Baikal IZH-61 tuning  (Read 102 times)

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Baikal IZH-61 tuning
« on: September 14, 2018, 11:42:54 AM »
I have always wanted one of these, I remember seeing them for sale new when I first started getting back into airguns again in around 2008 and thinking "damn that's ugly, I gotta have one!". They have been sold out in NZ stores for at least the last 5 years and they don't really come up for sale second hand very often at all so when I saw this one come up on trademe I had to grab it. Paying the $210 buy now was probably a bit over priced considering they sold new for $179 from memory but I just hadn't had the chance to buy one and it was right up near the top of my list of airguns to own.

So what is it? Its a low powered Russian target rifle designed for 10m match shooting. The stock is a 2 piece affair, the front has an extended forearm and a free standing pistol grip which is quite Edgun-ish in style, the rear piece has adjustable LOP which can be adjusted by 70mm which allows it to be used by children and adults comfortably. It is a side lever springer with a short stroke compression tube that sits underneath the breech. The breech has a 5 shot magazine that is indexed by the cocking lever, a bolt is pushed forward through the magazine to seat the pellet in the chamber as you close the lever so the pellet is not fired from the magazine itself. The trigger has an adjustment for the (beautiful steel) blade height, first stage length and trigger weight (The weight grub screw and spring were missing in my example but the hole was there so these may have been lost by the previous owner), there is an anti bear trap safety so the trigger cannot be set off until the cocking handle is returned. Overall the build quality on this rifle is solid and well thought out but as usual with cheaper rifles there are some quirks to be worked out.

I had read up quite a bit on these over the years and knew it was never going to be a powerful rifle, the way the side lever works is not designed to carry the extra tension of a powerful spring and the length of the compression tube is only half what most springers have. In standard form its performance on the chrony was fairly consistent but its just didn't feel like it was shooting as smooth as i was hoping so it was time for this rusky to be turned into a jigsaw puzzle.

Geco Pellets 6.94gr
1- 453
2- 447
3- 454
4- 453
5- 452

Spread 7 fps
Std Dev 2.77
Avg 451.8 fps

JSB RS 7.33gr
1- 462
2- 462
3- 467
4- 461
5- 463

Spread 6fps
Std Dev 2.35
Avg 463fps

And just to see how something heavier would perform

JSB Exact Heavy 10.34gr
1- 384
2- 392
3- 394
4- 392
5- 393

Spread 10fps
Std Dev 4
Avg 391fps

Its in lots of bits at the moment for me to tune up, Standard stuff really like deburring and polishing but i will write all that up in the next post along with the follow up chrony results. I'm not expecting a power increase but hoping I can bring some more consistency between shots.
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