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« on: October 01, 2018, 09:34:15 AM »
Jacinda made her speech at the UN. A humane and sensible speech advocating all the things we and the world
could benefit from. The telling part was the lack of attendance by many of the other world leaders to hear her.
Arrogance and downright rude. A snub to the place of small nations in world affairs.

They were all there to hear the worlds greatest buffoon make a fool of himself yet again.

She did well on the American talk shows and without saying it, she has an opinion of Trump.

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Re: Jacinda
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2018, 05:14:40 PM »
shes doing rather well for a young prime minister on first term at UN,you right they were all there to see
 the buffon make bloody great fool himself once again,US politics now best reality comody show on tv now
 what a phucked up arrogent country,hard to believe americans can be so dumb they cant see the lunatics
 are now running their asylam eh!!allmost laughed til i cryed listening to the leader of the biggest group
 terrroists in would going on bout peace etc and fighting world terroism none of which would exist if the US
 hadnt started it first and them kept it going for their own political reasons.
 find it bit intreging when US putting santions on China for buying militry hardware from Russia,the Russians
 n Chinese must be laughing themselves to tears over that one,really who the hell the yanks think they are
 eh!!!no one asked them to be the boss the world or the worlds policemen either,seems every where they
 go,they start a mess and when going gets too tough for them to handle,piss off home leaving an evan
 bigger mess behind and they been doing so for last 60/70 years too,there was a time the US was respected as a nation and world leader,but that time has long passed now,these days the US is just one
 more bully who uses force of arms to get its way in the world,sad to see what was once a great country
 degenerate to what its become thing this country can do is stay as far away from the US as
 possible and just look after our own interests and those of our pacific neighbours.
 cheers mike