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crosman 1077
« on: October 04, 2018, 08:35:42 AM »
i just replyed to post on for sale thread bout one these co2 rifles,totally piss,s me off when companys
 continue to market products they know are faulty for years,this rifle is a case of crosman doing just that
 was a time i respected crosman for their co2 guns,thats long gone now,many modern crosman co2 guns
 nothing but cheap plastic rubbish that either dont work properly or fail real fast due to breakages due to
 poor quality materials etc.most crosman guns not evan made US today.they have become just another
 big profit/share market driven corporation more concerned in making products as cheap as possible to
 maximise profits and it shows in their products today.this opinion would prob get me shot in US but its
 bassically the facts of crosmans guns today.
 cheers mike

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Re: crosman 1077
« Reply #1 on: October 04, 2018, 10:34:30 AM »
further to previous post.i grew up with crosman co2/pump up airguns in 1960s,they were great guns and as
 kids we all had various crosman guns n loved them,by and large they were well made very reliable guns
 that cept for seals now n again never gave any trouble,wish still had most them today,they would all very
 likely all stiil be working just fine,and they all very collectable today as well,but cant say the same for many
 of the newer crosmans i have owned in last few years,they all been very disapointing, build qaulity wise n
 many didnt last long either or needed constant repair,cept for the 2240/2250s i owned modifyed n owned
 i havnt found one crosman co2 gun that wasnt a disapointment,but evan the 2240s etc build qaulity has
 gone down hill today sadly.
 but its all bad ,as crosman really got into pcp guns now and they are by n large excellent value for money,
 tho some the big bores are pretty damned ugly n not very user friendly in stock designs etc they got good
 bones n can be customised very nicely,the muarader a good bassic pcp rifle,that can be modded and
 customised into a very nice pcp rifle at a reasonble price too,compared to most other pcp rifles there lot
 bangs for the bucks spent with these rifles,pity they havnt come up with a decent pcp pistol yet tho.
 i am not totally down on crosman,just wish they would concentrated on making better co2 guns as they
 used to do,maybe its the market in the US that demands cheap guns,thats responsible for the qaulity of
 many crosman guns,who knows????
 had my bitch,so thats enuf i guess.
 cheers mike

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Re: crosman 1077
« Reply #2 on: October 04, 2018, 01:05:04 PM »
Agreed they are pretty rubbish out of the box but a bit of fiddling around with them can get some acceptable results, and kids love to get tin cans dancing with semi autos!
Lots of airguns