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« on: October 27, 2018, 06:57:45 PM »
Type this into your search.  NZ Foreign Minister defends assistance to Papua New Guinea for Apec.

$15,000,000 of NZ tax payers money gone to PNG. The PNG government has bought 40 Maseratis and hundreds of luxury vehicles to cart delegates around and the PNG people are outraged and so they should be.
Winston Peters trys to justify our $15m but his argurement or explaination just doesn't stack up; not convincing. Good money wasted.

Adern must have known about the money and she could have or should have shown some leadership and stood up to Peters. She has been silent and that dimishes her standing as far as I am concerned. Maybe $15m should be spent in PNG for doing something for the people but not to assist in a luxury jolly for a mob that don't deserve it.

The other bit is that China is in there and who knows what they are prepared to pay for influence in the Pacific.
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« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2018, 04:49:00 AM »
15 mil would built lot low cost housing we desperatly need,Adern knew for sure,gov put many more mils
 aside for winnie to tho around in pacific,this will just part winnies casflow.
Apec total waste time,just all expenses junket for those in power,they have never actually done anything
 worth while.PNG aussies prob not ours,was pretty much an aussie colony for 100 years,all our 15 mil did
 was grease a few currupt polititions allready dirty palms sum more,not a cent would have gone to the
 people of PNG you can bet on that!!!.
 what does it really matter if China wants throw money around the pacific,they no worse than the yanks,
 who been messing with the pacific for 70 years and done nothing for this country or the pacific region
 anyway.the yanks just bullies,they mess with countrys politics and economys for their own ends,then
 accuse other countrys of doing same to then,to cover their own arses,just as they doing right now with
 Russia/China and several other countrys to cover up what they have been and still are doing around the
 world.Trump just another currupt phuckwit in white house trying start another nuclure arms race so
 his wealthy mates in arms industry can milk us taxpayers out few more billions.US the biggest threat to
 free trade and world peace not China or Russia,people too dumb to see it.
 cheers mike