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hpa fill valves
« on: October 31, 2018, 07:27:47 AM »
just ordered a couple paintball quick snap type fill nipples with 3000/4500psi rated fill valves in the nipple
 hadnt seen these before ,tho prob been around for some time,if these turn out to be what i expect they
 are,they will be lot easier than making my own fill nipples and seperated fill valves and probes for hpa
 cylanders as can simpily make cylander end cap and just screw these directly into the cap,can then use the
 standard female fittings i have fill station lines,no need make fill probes,@ $14 each they a bargain,and
 will save lot machine time.have made up simialler nipples with valves before,but takes bit time to make
 them,so these just maybe a good option for hpa fill valves for pcp projects that some of us are involved in
 rather than making them,cant see why they shouldnt be fine for bulk co2 projects as well,will post some
 more when they arrive and have checked them out.
 cheers mike