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Re: hammer bounce
« Reply #15 on: November 17, 2018, 07:00:58 AM »
No mate,first we got to get the target pistol sorted and under way,the semi auto been on my mind for some
 years tho been kicking ideas around for some years on how to design a semi auto 22 cal pcp pistol,the
 only decent/compact semi auto pistol is the Steyer LP50 match target pistol,the rest are just bassically
 cut down rifles,that are huge ugly bloody things,there has to be a way to develope a more compact pcp
 pistol in at lest 22 cal,my back ground when comes to building guns as you know Paul is in firearms,so i
 tend to look at things a little different to someone whos back ground is just in airguns.
 The biggest issuse as i see it in developing a compact semi auto pcp pistol is two fold,first keeping breech
 closed until pellet has left the barrel,then having some energy source to cock action and cycle action
 reliably,firearms generally use either recoil or residual gas from cartridge to do so,most semi auto pistols
 use recoil in various ways to do this,most semi auto pcp guns have used residual hpa to fuction as a semi
 auto,this can make for a large pistol,there is not enuf recoil to operate a pcp airgun,so only source of
 usable energy,is hammer bounce,and pellet has left barrel when hammer bounce occures ,and there is
 very considerable force involved when internal air pressure slams a valve shut and kicks a hammer back
 several times often,my theory is that if there enuf energy to force a heavy hammer back quite a distance
 that energy can be utilised in a simialer way recoil force is used to cycle a semi auto pistol,this is a very
 consistant force the same as recoil is,best part about using recoil to operate a gun is that there is very
 little or no chamber pressure involved so bolts/slides etc dont need to be big n heavy,bassically as i see
 things its just a matter of balancing the moving parts to get best use from energy of the hammer bounce
 to make this possible,just a theory,but very worth considering,food for further thought eh!!
 cheers mike