Author Topic: novas comments in shout box re changes ti arms act  (Read 450 times)

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novas comments in shout box re changes ti arms act
« on: November 17, 2018, 04:14:49 PM »
bound to happen with new government,labour usually more likely to listen to nz police gripes on gun laws
 than nats,the politions bassically wiped their hands on gun laws a while ago and gave police the ablity to
 interperte the law whatever way suited them an apply those interperations any way they saw fit with no
 over sight from government,unfortunatly there is an element high up in our police who dont want civllians
 to own guns of any type,and think only the police should have access to guns,it has long been the agenda
 of these people to remove all guns from civillians hands by whatever means they could do so,as our
 pollys dont really care about this issuse and gun owners dont reppresent a large enuf voting block to
 affect elections,they simplily dont care what or how nz police interperate and administer the gun laws.
 the way the law is set up now,police can and are trying very hard to bring in what amounts to a very
 dodgy gun ban,by totally banning most types of airguns thru simplily refusing to issuse import permts,they
 are trying to do a simialler thing with certain types of firearms as well,simplily by refusing to issuse import permits to firearms dealers as well,this dispite the fact all these airguns and firearms are legal to
 own in this is gun control thru the back door.There is a long history behind this latest ploy by
 nz police going back to the 1980s when they started using the media thru programs like police 10/7 to
 make public believe this country was awash with illegal handguns and military weapons,when they knew
 the opposite was true,they have made it so a large proportion of public now believes as do many police
 officers that evan toy soft airguns are leathal weapons so are just as dangerous as firearms,fact is nz
 police by this means have actually enabled idiots with toy guns to commit all sorts armed crime with toy
 guns,fact is the rash of this type crime can be laid right back on nz police because of their long running
 propaganda media compane,so if anyone thinks thats guna change or get better in any future law
 changes where the police will dictate those changes due to the requirment for public consultion having
 now removed from all future gun law changes by parliment,they got be living in LA LA land,you can now
 garrentee that any future changes to these laws wont be foe gun owners benifit this time around.
 cheers mike

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Re: novas comments in shout box re changes ti arms act
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2018, 08:03:08 AM »
This is going to be a development worth following. The Minister of Police has called for a review of the Arms Act and it is to be delivered this week. Mike Clements, a senior Police officer is the lead policeman in this matter.I wonder where he gets his firearms community experience from. Maybe he just takes advice from faceless policy planners. No public consultation as far as I know and would it have any influence anyway.

It seems to me that a lot of the arms act is pretty good and it will be the administrative part that wil be changed.

The things that I do know is that I have heard redneck owners of powerful semi automatic rifles say things like," they don't know I have got it and they never will." He is a law abiding person so the gangs will be thinking the same or worse.

I also know that drug laws haven't dealt with the drug problem and robbery laws haven't stopped dairy robberies. 
I also know that the past president of the Police Association advocated arming the Police when in that office but now he is a member of parliament he doesn't support that arming. That is irrelevant to the possible law change but he will be on the select committee.

I don't have anything constructive to say about what will or should happen but I am apprehensive about sport shooting of .22lr and airguns and the bigger guns that deerstalkers use. 
Just how many of these law makers actually shoot for recreation or as part of their employment.

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Re: novas comments in shout box re changes ti arms act
« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2018, 10:58:16 AM »
I too have concerns about a review,i counldnt care less if it affects a certain class firearms,as i too have
 heard simialer comments from several i know own this class firearm,facts are nz police totally phucked up
 on this one,they shouldve put all types these rifles on E cat right from start,as it stands today there are
 cosmetic differences between A/E cat msa rifles,an A cat rifle is still exactly the same rifle in every respect
 as an E cat rifle,with a different butt stock smaller capacity mags etc all of which can be legally purchased
 and then put on an A cat rifle,as am sure many do.
 My opinion on msa rifles has allways been if you want one,just like pistols,get the approprate licence to
 own one,thats how it shouldve been done right from the start,then there wouldve been no aurguments eh!!
 My concern is for the rest of us gun owners and users,the 99% of us many msa owners dont seem care
 about,we allready have far restictions on our airguns than the UK,and the UK got some the most restrictive
 rules on airguns and firearms in the world,yet UK airgunners can easliy buy/own all the airguns that are
 now banned imports here,thay pretty much proves how phucked up our rules are becoming,due nz
 police having so much ortonamy unsuppervised by government or any one else either to interperate the
 law any way they see fit for their own agenda.
 as the public consultaion process was removed from reveiws some years ago at nz polices reqiuest as the
 police simplily dont want any public consultation in firearms legisaltion,what this now means the opinion
 the government hears is that of nz police,who have their own agender thats got very little to do with
 what the public may want.John Keys national government turned the police request for a review down
 not considering it was needed,police simplily waited for a labour government,which are general more
 disposed for political reasons to changing and toughening gun laws,our new labour government didnt
 take long to doso,nothing good for gun owners and shooters will come out of this new review,its more
 likely to set in law all the BS import bans police are now enforcing by very legally dodgy means of simply
 refusing to issuse import permits for any valid or legal reasons,simply because they can and it suits
 their new anti gun agenda.I f anyone expects it to be any different,they must live LA/LA land
 cheers mike