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airgun clubs
« on: November 17, 2018, 04:35:58 PM »
Well finally tracked down my local airgun club,and will soon be a member,been long time coming,but am
 looking forward to it,just great to hang out with other aigun enthusists and get bit shooting in thats not
 hunting or pest shooting related for a change,good to meet new people to,spend too much time just doing
 my own thing these days,as club shooting very different to what i normally do with airguns,proberly guna
 have to buy or build new guns more suitable for club shooting ,guna hate that eh!!Not a big club only 15/17
 active members but all good people and seem enjoy themselves and i guess thats all that matters so i will
 fit right in i hope.
 Have been a bit critical bout club shooting in nz in previous posts particually FT because of what have seen
 at certain shoots etc.but will wait n see how that one pans out with this small club before i decide wether
 FT interests me enuf to want shoot it.
 So big change for me to once again belong to a shooting related club,but am looking forward to it and
 thats all good. cheers mike