Author Topic: What happens INSIDE a supressor?  (Read 173 times)

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What happens INSIDE a supressor?
« on: November 18, 2018, 09:11:53 PM »
warning: not air guns.
just came across this vid. damned neat.

(they made supressor shells from clear acrylic, then super-slo-mo filmed what happens at the moment of firing

would be interesting to see one of you PCP boys put some dye in your air and do the same for a slugger.

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Re: What happens INSIDE a supressor?
« Reply #1 on: November 19, 2018, 10:11:09 AM »
Just watched the vid,interesting mate,been making supressers for 40 years tryed many types,all worked to
 to various degrees,some better than others,most been for 22 rimfire,but made few for AR15 and AK and
 308 etc,these were all just copies of the militry suppressers of the time,no where near as good those today
 I have over the years devloped a pretty good one for the 22 rimfire,but its not as good as some made today
 but does shut them up pretty well.
 still figuring out best way to make a really good one for airguns,they very different to firearms thats for
 sure,no expanding gases,no heat etc involved,so they require a different approach,my thoughts are to
 hold the charge of hpa inside suppresser and release it slowly to the rear,not let the hpa excit at muzzle
 as thats where the sound comes from ,this is i think what now call an air stripper,and is how many barrel shoulds seem to work.
 Have found rimfire suppressers dont work that well on pcps unless they have large expansion chamber at
 rear and baffle holes kept to as close as possible without the pellets touching baffles to caliber, if done
 this way a rimfire suppresser sort works ok,but could be lot quieter for sure,I simply dont yet know enuf
 to fully understand exactly whats required to make a truely effective hpa suppresser yet,just trying
 different things i learnt about suppressing firearms trying to figure it out,definatly need do lot more
 research yet,there definatly will be someone working on really efficent suppressers for pcps oit there
 some where,just got find them i guess,but fun messing around with,suppressers come long way since i
 made my first one 40 years ago,there is a tiny nz made plastic suppresser made for 22 rim fire thats
 bloody amazingly quiet less than 75mm long,but due to small size does need cleaning often,not much use
 on a semi auto if firing lot shots tho,just gets too dirty to work pretty fast.
 Lot to learn bout suppressing a pcp that i dont have a clue bout yet,whole new ball game compared to
 firearms thats for sure.
 cheers mike

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Re: What happens INSIDE a supressor?
« Reply #2 on: November 19, 2018, 10:24:16 AM »
PCps need supressors, some of them if not a lot of them especially if shooting in town.
I have read about supprssors on springers and even saw a review of the Wisper thing on Gamos. The test showed it was louder away from the muzzle with it on than with it off.
Springers are pretty quiet but the shooter hears the spring and piston up close and that may give false impression of ther noise.
Not that it worries me at all.

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Re: What happens INSIDE a supressor?
« Reply #3 on: November 19, 2018, 12:50:18 PM »
because of where i live,i dont actually need suppressers on my pcp guns,but will admit due to power they
 put out they not exactly quiet,but nowhere near as noisy as a 22rimfire with hi vel ammo,so i dont really
 care how much noise they make coz like sound gun fire eh!!and guns lot shorter so easier to handle with
 out them as well.coz they shorter/better balanced,so handle better without suppressers.Fact is today I
 would be tooooo scared to even be seen with a toy gun in town,let alone put few shots thru one in my own
 backyard in town no matter how quiet it was,dont want end up looking at wrong end of an M4 rifle in hands
 of a nervious police officer eh!!Bloody glad dont live in town,thats for sure.
 cheers mike