Author Topic: Hugh,re hammer bounce on GTA  (Read 146 times)

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Hugh,re hammer bounce on GTA
« on: November 25, 2018, 01:47:30 PM »
Very interesting,member GTA but havnt visited in some time,good to see these same guys still up to their
 interesting experiments,like the concept for guns with internal sliding type hammers,rather clever and well
 thought out as usual for this bunch guys,they often come up with some interesting stuff.
 But at end the day many these guys still playing around with very bassic old crosman designed co2 guns
 adapted to hpa,trying to make silk purses out pigs ears when really comes down to it, not that i am
 giving them hard time for doing so,coz certainly very good at what they do,and very interesting to follow
 The truth of it is its guys like these who developed many the crosman guns now in production that
 crosman bassically just copied and call there own,and gave no credit to those who actually developed
 these guns crosman now produces,got to respect guys like these as they a very inovative bunch for sure.
 I agree with them entirely about friction type so called anti bounce systems,they next to useless,they allso
 right about using their system on co2 guns,every highly modified co2 2240 i made had hammer bounce
 and wasted proberly as much co2 as they put behind a pellet for every shot,which is why they had low
 shot counts eh!!most are the same.
 So good read Hugh,thanx for the heads up,learnt something usefull for the day,and thats allways a bonus
 eh!!GTA still the best forum to learn things as there so pretty clever tinkers on there.
 These days i am more into exploring new ideas for pcp airguns than just messing around modifying guns
 its just more interesting to me,pcp hunting pistols more my thing these days,simply coz most we can buy
 today are bassically just sawn off rifles minus the buttstocks,are under powered inefficent,and mostly
 just plain ugly too,every thing i hate and dont want in a pistol.pcp hunting pistols as they are today are
 for the most just crap as is to be expected from sawn off rifles minus buttstocks eh!!
 Would certainly recommend others read this GTA thread,its very informative.
 cheers mike

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Re: Hugh,re hammer bounce on GTA
« Reply #1 on: November 25, 2018, 08:46:46 PM »
I had a look at that antibounce thing in spring guns and thought I would give it a go but I don't have a suitable rifle to try it on. On top of that my lathe would just not be good enough because as I see it you have to turn up a piston with a very long top hat, fixed to the inside face of the piston and hollow to put the moving shot in. The rear spring guide probably goes completely. A bit beyond me.
The telling part is that Theoben gave up on the idea. On top of that gas ram has so little piston bounce that it seems that the anti bounce thing is a bit redundant.  Still going to follow the thread to see what happens

The other thread you should look at is in Bob and Loyds workshop. Right up your alley, about increasing power and efficiency in pcps.  I am not a pcp bloke but will still be watching to see what they come up with.

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Re: Hugh,re hammer bounce on GTA
« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2018, 09:51:14 AM »
You proberly right bout the gas rams mintie,am not a springer guy,but am quite impressed with my
 nieghbours gas ram rifle and pistol,they dont have that spring twang,dont seem to jump around like a
 powerfull springer does either,got to like Bob n Loyd eh!! been following them for years,they got way of
 turning otherwise uninteresting guns into some thing special,they certainly never boring eh!!GTA allways
 been an interesting forum with some very clever members.
 cheers mike