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Day at the club
« on: December 15, 2018, 07:44:23 PM »
Recently joined my local airgun club,bassically to give me another shooting activity and another place to
 shoot,chew the fat with other airgun enthusitists etc,living as I do some distance from town I dont get the
 opputunity to spend time with others who share the same interests as myself,only small club,with 16/17
 members,but unlike some clubs have belonged to,its a very active club with most members attending
 shoots most weekends,this club dosnt take things very seriously,its all about having fun.
 Todays shoot was a real hoot,its the regular can shoot,no real rules cept get as many alli cans as possible
 with 20 shots out to 50 yds ,no power limits so every imaginable rifle and pistol is used,from 3.5fpe 177
 10 meter target guns to 30fpe 22 hunting guns being used today.
 Amazing that even 3.5 fpe 177 cal pistols and rifles are just as much fun and accurate out to 50yds as the
 more powerful guns,and just as much fun if not more than the more powerful guns,it was awsume being
 able to watch those little 177 cal pellets from 3.5 fpe rifles and pistols arce their way to target and hit
 them with precicission time after time,we got bored and moved firing line back to 75yds,nothing really
 changed once every one got the range dialed in,I didnt think was possible to get regular hits at 75yds
 with my 3.5fpe 177 cal target pistol,but was soon getting all my targets at 75yds without difficulty,I knew
 before the little pellet even got to target if was a hit or miss,coz could see the pellet for its complete
 travel,was bit like playing bowls,watching the arce of travel,some were using old restored 5/6 fpe
 springers with deadly effect,had forgot just how much fun we used to have as kids with our low powered
 airguns,as this was exactly what used do as a kid,what a blast best days fun shooting I have had in years
 Made even more fun by all the all the hooting n hollering from those waiting their turn trying put every
 one else off their shots all good natured of course and just added to the fun,A great days shooting with a
 great bunch of people,to me this is what clubs should be like and about,just having fun,we talking about
 organising fun steel plate and can shoots for next years with fast shooting co2 pistols including soft
 airguns the idea being to have shooter on shooter timed speed shoots simialler to the action pistol shoots
 run at pistol clubs with firearms,this should be lot fun.
 As no club events seem to posted anymore,I will now post my local club shoots,not so much to post
 scores as like today there was no winner just large pile of shredded cans,that definatly lost the day,but
 just to get out there that at lest one club having great deal fun with often very bassic airguns,there no
 elleteism in this little country airgun club,tho there some very good shooters in the club,they got no big
 cheers mike

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Re: Day at the club
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2018, 02:50:10 AM »
Certainly sounds like a club putting the fun back into airgunning. If anyone mentions Field Target, expel them immediately because that is the slippery slope to elitism  ;)

If you put a dab of correction fluid (Snowpake, Tippex) into the back of a pellet, you can even track them from high-powered rifles.

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Re: Day at the club
« Reply #2 on: December 16, 2018, 08:37:47 AM »
That's sounding like fun Mike.
We have recently started to compile a few different targets at our range, so that good old plinking can be had. We got some of these off aliexpress. Very cheap, free postage from somewhere in the world.
Then I mounted them on a small bracket, so that we can put a piece of paper behind it if practicing judging wind.

I have a bell out of a fire alarm, and want to make a bell target as well for the range. Just being able to turn up and plink is the plan.

Mike, maybe you should put a bell behind your concrete power pole.
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Re: Day at the club
« Reply #3 on: December 16, 2018, 08:44:05 AM »
Was definatly a good day,the people involved had lot to do with that,typical small rural town attitude mate
 Dispite being quite some distance from new plymouth several travel fron there and further away to to
 come to this small club,dont think new plymouth even got an airgun club which is rather surprising,our
 local community has several very strong shooting clubs,far more than new plymouth in fact i think NP
 only has its pistol club and a skeet and trap shooting clubs now,where as we have our own pistol club
 small bore and big bore rifle clubs and even a black powder club all very active in a very small community
 all of which have been around for long time,maybe its a rural thing I dont know
 But people very different in rural communitys to those in town,so maybe thats it.
 cheers mike

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Re: Day at the club
« Reply #4 on: December 16, 2018, 08:50:37 AM »
Guna have to stop using the hole in power pole as target coz slowly chipping the pole away and we get nuf
 power cuts round here without me making it worse mate,they used shoot airguns in UK at pubs onto bells
 When you think about that,having half pissed guys shooting guns at a pub prob wasnt a good idea eh!!
 cant see that being allowed today thats for sure,but having said that playng darts with sharp pointed
 missiles dosnt sound like a sane idea either in pubs full half pissed people either,
 cheers mike