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Christmas day with Novagun.
« on: January 02, 2019, 08:50:20 AM »
I haven't posted anything for a while and shooting holes in paper doesn't make for interesting reading. Just because, here is an account of my Christmas day. Reading not compulsory

There have been many Christmas days in the life of Novagun. Most of them have been family affairs with a sumptuous dinners. There have been two really memorable ones, the first was a ham and salad lunch on the sandy beach at Lake Taupo. I was eight or nine years old and the sun and cold clear water and swimming. The second was the Christmas just past. The day turned out wet, very wet with low murky cloud. Not what we dream of for Christmas day.

We were in the Marlborough Sounds in my little yacht. About mid day left Wharehunga bay to motor out into Queen Charlotte sound to get cell phone reception to make the Christmas greeting phone calls. Checked the weather forecaste and oh dear; we have to go home that day because of the forecaste and  to meet family commitments. Off we motored to Coopers Bay to get out of the howling southerly. Forecaste was for wind dropping to 15 knots early evening.

What to do till evening. Have Christmas dinner of course. Dog into the dinghy for a weewee ashore. Wet dog and wet me. The dog jumped back into the dinghy pleading to be taken back to the yacht. (Zingara) Dinner at 3.00 pm was baked salmon, baked little potato wedges and a tossed salad. Marlborough Savignon Blanc and a piece of Christmas cake. The salmon was delicious, I wish you could have tasted it.

5.30 pm or 1730 hrs in nautical parlance is evening in my book, so up anchor and off we went. Sails well reefed just in case. We rounded Cape Komaru and into Cook Straight. 15 knots, yeah right! Blowing 30 knots and gusting. The little yacht picked up her skirts and off she went. Nothing under 8 knots and often over 9. A couple of times she topped 10 knot surfing down a wave. That is fast for a thirty foot cruising yacht but we did have a bit of tide helping us.

Swmbo was asleep on the bunk and the dog was curled up under the table.  The dog always knows the best place to be in rough weather. I was out in the cockpit steering and keeping watch. Very low cloud and murky. Visibility down to two miles.
The wind did drop to 15 knots on the way across but still a quick trip.

Airguns and  yachts make for a very privileged life.

Compliments of the season to you all.