Author Topic: another one bits the dust  (Read 102 times)

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another one bits the dust
« on: January 02, 2019, 08:06:58 PM »
the little 22 rimfire double rifle added another feral cat to its tally today,this one had either be desperate for
 feed or the dumbest cat i have come accross.stupid thing chased a chook back inside the chook yard had
 poor terrfided thing thing bailed up in back corner,didnt see me coming til far too late so couldnt escape
 out the door,just turned round stood there hissing at me,double tap to head n all done n dusted,i knew we
 had another one around for last couple days,but hadnt seen the bugga,but mustve been real hungry coz
 dont normally see them out n about this close to house during the day stalking the chooks.
 school holidays again so guna be more dumped round here for sure,its same every school holidays.
 love this little double rifle for this type of shooting,nothing sporting about getting rid feral cats but does piss
 me off having to shoot other peoples so called pets they no longer want to take care of so just dump the
 poor things outside town and cause problems for other people their animals and local wild life,bloody
 callous and totally irresponsible.
 cheers mike

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Re: another one bits the dust
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2019, 06:52:28 AM »
How does the little gun look with the new stock.
Photos.  We need someone who knows how to run a tutorial on posting photos.
It will need to be set out in plain easy to follow steps.
Posting direct from phone to thread is probably the way.

We will see if anyone obliges.

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Re: another one bits the dust
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2019, 08:21:49 AM »
agree with you on pics Hugh,us old fellows not allwaz up to some technology eh!!Havnt restocked rifle yet as still havnt got any walnut I have tho made up a new front sight to replace the one got bent some how,am using rifle at present with its scope fitted,sighted in half inch high at 50 yards,which pretty much means can
 aim directly at and hit very close to aim point from 25 to 75 yds,took scope off to shoot cat as knew it was
 to be only few yards away if it stayed in chook yard til got there,so eas only 3/4 yards away when i did
 shoot it,bassiacly couldnt miss it it at that distance even if didnt use sights mate,so gave it both barrels just
 to make sure.but will have to restock it with a higher check piece,as if not real care full tend to tilt rifle/cant
 it so sights may be on but due to the canted barrels it shoots high on one barrel and low on other so the
 further away from target the more noticable it gets,the whole butt section isnt right its too low at heel and
 same at check piece,rifle was set up and regulated with a completly different stock configuration so new
one isnt compatable for how i origionaly set rifle up,because rifle is light weight and recoil quite noticable
 due to it being a side by side rifle the twisting affect of this small amount of recoil certainly affects where
 it shoots,wouldnt be a problem with a single barrelled rifle but does affect this one,the twisting under recoil is caused by the barrells being off center in the receiver and the stock being to low in buttstock area
 amplifies the issuse,origional stock was a straight stock like a lever rifle,I reshaped tangs for a pistol gripped stock and got the diamensions wrong in the drop from receiver to butt plate,this changed the
 diamanics on how rifle behaved and shoot,should have known it would but was in too much a hurry to
 get rifle back shooting eh!!and some how bending the front sight just made it worse mate.
 this type of rifle dosnt like being messed around with once it been set up and regulated and I shouldve
 known that too as its not unusual for a side by side rifle if restocked to suit new owner to need
 reregulating as have no intention of reregulating this rifle,I have make a new stock that
 duplicates the origional stock.sorry that explaination bit long winded Hugh.
 cheers mike