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not much happening
« on: January 17, 2019, 08:05:41 AM »
I like many others havnt been posting lately,got too many other more important things to do around here
 this time of the year to be messing around with my guns or projects,as some will be aware we had solar
 panels etc fitted to our home some months back,half the system has been fitted and is up and running
 perfectly,we are currently producing approx 22/25 kilo watts of electricity a day,much of which we put
 back into the grid and get paid for from our power company,to the tune of $25/60 a month,all well and
 good you may think,but thats when the lines company kicks in,as they then start charging us to use their
 grid using a systemof creative and fraudulent accountingto bassically steal our power we are supplying
 them and then charge use the exact amount we get paid for the power we supply them we get supposably
 get paid for by our own power company,bassically this amounts to the lines company stealing our power
 then charging us for them doing so,funny thing is these new line charges only apply to exported power,if
 for some reason export any power these line company charges disappear,what the lines company is in
 effect doing is saying coz you didnt buy the power you use and export this is loss of income to them so
 are bassically telling us we need to remburse them for the power we didnt buy from them to make up
 for their of income from that power,totally fraudulent of course and nothing but theft of what is our
 property and what over a year amounts to a very significant amount of our electricity and money.
 what these arse holes are actually doing is stealing our property then charging us for the privilage of
 them doings so,currently the lines company from our power supplier gets approx 50000 kw a month for
 free back into the grid and is charging our power company for giving them that power they would other
 wise not have had,which they then resell for a bigger profit having been paid for it twice,what really hurts
 is we get charged gst on the money we get paid for our our exported power as well,this is definatly fraud
 and theft,and is entirely legal for them to do and get away with under the electricity acts due to a loop
 hole in regulations allowing lines companys to charge any one using their lines for doing so evan if its to
 the benifit of the lines companys having more power to sell on,facts are this country hasnt built any large
 power stations in 40 years yet population has increased by 1.2 million in that time,so power is in short
 supply today,the only power stations built were cogen plants built mostly by dairy companys and few
 small private power companys all using gas turbines,you would think the power industry would be
 encouraging private power generation as its to their benifit,but no,apparently not as their busseness
 model is all bout supplying power not buying it,so they see solar wind or any other private power
 producers as a threat to their busseness model so have come up with this way of bassically stealing
 power to boost their available power supplies for free and get paid for that free power twice,its actually
 three times as once the lines company has that free power they then sell it to the grid power suppliers
 who then on sell it to the power suppliers who sell it to their customers,nothing but a absolute fraud by
 the lines companys,there is no other way of putting it,this is all under investigation buy the government
 at present but in mean time the fraud continues.
 cheers mike