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Hunting stories
« on: June 28, 2013, 07:20:39 AM »


The guns I use are my Cometa fusion .22 doing about 700fps with JSB 18gr (20 ish fpe), and my Weihrauch hw97k .177 doing about 900fps with Crosman Premier 7.9gr (14.5ish fpe). The Cometa isn't as nice to shoot or accurate as the Weihrauch, but it has a bit more punch and I don't mind if it gets wet and beaten around in the bush. I usually use the Weihrauch on clear nights and take a bit more time to get a decent headshot. I don't want to just wound the possums.

I use cheap LED lights but bright. They're pretty good value. One of the best tools I have for hunting possums is a red LED, its not extremely bright but boy it picks up those red eyes well. I  wouldn't see half the possums I do without it. I use that for finding them, and use a 1300 lumen light for taking the shot

Last night I went for a walk around the paddocks and a few forestry roads nearby, where there are normally quite a few possums. I took the Cometa Fusion. The first possum Ii found was in a Totara tree on a steep slope beneath a bit of a limestone bluff (it can be pretty rough country here). It was hard to get a good close shot at him, and after missing twice I decided to move on. He was playing hard to get and not worth my time. Not much further up the track I found another bear sitting low in a poplar tree. A nice clear headshot put him down

After a fair bit of walking and not seeing anything I decided to head home. About halfway back I saw a possum in a pine tree. I took 2 shots to bring him down, then he fell down the bank into the blackberry and i couldn't find him. By now I could hear a few more making some noise. The next one i found was on the edge of a clearing in some native, quite a small guy and he fell down easy. He didn't quite die, so when he was on the ground i put another one in his head to finish him. Just as I did, about 5m in front of me, another possum jumped out of the long grass and started running. I chased after him while loading another pellet. I took a shot at him while he was running across the clearing, hitting him in the shoulder. This slowed him right down, and he tried to hide under a Punga tree. Now he was still so I loaded another pellet and shot him in the head.

3 possums down I was almost home and back in the paddocks and I saw an eye in the grass about 30m away. Crept up a bit closer and a fairly big hare jumped up and ran. When he stopped I managed to get to about 20m from him, missed the headshot so put one in his chest hoping to get the heart or at least the lungs and slow him down. Got a good impact and away he rolled down the hill. When I got to him he was still kicking a bit so I finished him off with another to the head. That was the second hare I've shot so I was pretty stoked to get this guy.

So almost home now and feeling pretty successful, I saw one more possum in a small tree right in the open, got to about 3m from him, and put a shot right between the eyes. Instantly dropping him.

So all up 4 possums and a hare. Not breaking any records but not bad for a few hours after work


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Re: Hunting stories
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Recently we had the first snow dumping of the coming winter season which only lasted a few days so I was out in my truck sight seeing and joy riding, I ended up getting snowed in and stuck temporarily outside a farmers residence and ended up chatting away to him, I pointed to the large hill on the opposite side of the valley and said I hunt rabbits and possums up there for landowner X, and he was interested if I'd be keen on addressing his rabbit population with lead eviction notices, I said Hell Yeah.

Two days later I was back to take him up on is offer, he told me to jump in his 4*4 and proceeded to show me the property and its boundaries. I was pleasantly surprised and the sheer size of his farm, it's was much bigger than I ever thought it would be, it filled the valley and went up and over Mt Cargil hill and there were even paddocks heading off in another direction down an area known as Upper Junction, we're talking a huge property even larger than the one I've been hunting recently.

The grass is very good on most of his paddocks which are gentle rolling hills with some flat land, steeper hill country at the top and a large quarry area that over looks some prime rabbit hunting country, one half of the lower property has a native bush reserve as a boundary, then it turns into another land owners 50 acre block.

There are small creeks, marshes, lots of huge Macracarpra trees planted as wind shelters around the edges of some paddocks both on the flat land and high up on the hill.

I was taken around the property and the farmer pointed out all the spots he knew the rabbits, hares like to hang out, he also mentioned that the old rock quarry occasionally holds a number of ferrets and I started to smile because they are airgun trophies, you have to be very sly, stealthy and steady shot to get one of them and very lucky.

As we drove up a vehicle track that runs through the center of the lower farm we came to a paddock that had huge numbers of magpies in it, I'd guess over 30 of them, they were not bothered by the truck as we drove past them and he said your welcome to evict them to if it interests you to which I said Hell Yeah.

I was building a plan of attack in my mind then we went up the road and around the hill and came back on a farm track to the top of the hill that looked down on all the property that I'd just been shown, it was a great view, he then showed me more land up there, a number of paddocks, more Mac trees and lots of fresh rabbit scrapings, then came the bonus paddock, full of turnips, now this is where you'll find rabbits, hares and even possums as they love turnips and I could see that these animals had been eating the leaves.

When it snows heavily and it will when winter gets here the only accessible vegetation will be the turnip  leaves so we'll keep a close eye on this area.

Upon returning to the farmers residence I said I'll just head up to what I thought was a likely looking spot for a first short hunt just ot see if my instincts are correct as it was nearly getting dark and the rabbits would be out very soon, he said sweet as, go for it and I did.

I drove up to the quarry and picked a quiet spot to park up then tooled up and when for a walk. I took a few photos of the area but it was getting dark and they didn't come out to well but I'll show you anyway, but I will take some much better ones on a nice sunny day when I can.
This is taken from the quarry looking down to the paddock below, I haven't hunted that paddock yet but it looks great for rabbits and is possibly where the ferrets call home. you'll see the line of trees on the right, that's where the vehicle track track come up from the beginning of the property, possibly 1000m away.

This is taken from within the quarry area, the paddock I did well in that you'll read about below is to the right of this photo.

I got to the vehicle track and lighted up a paddock where earlier I'd seen either a rabbit or hare moving in the distance but I couldn't see it so I ventured down the fence line until my lights were effectively lighting up the boundary fence.

Then I turned and and started to walk up the middle of the paddock where there was still a bit of water and mud around in a slight marsh, then to my right I saw a Hare run heading towards the hills, I took aim and fired down he went, woohoo first kill on the new property.

I walked over checked it out and thought I'm going to eat this so I field dressed it and walked maybe 30 paces and my lights caught another Hare sitting low in the grass, I lined him up, fired and he just rolled down the slight incline into the water, thats number two.

I hadn't even reached the paddocked I wanted to shoot yet, it was jus across the vehicle track that I had walked up on my right hand side but I'd gone into the paddock on the left to look for these guys, so I grabbed the 2nd hare and walked to the gate of the paddock I had a good feeling about, I hung the hare on the gate and entered the paddock, this area was maybe about 80m*100m area, from the gate where I was standing it was lined up to the top boundary and then across the top boundary with huge Mac's, then the opposite side was a hedge, just in front of me maybe 30m away was a Quaker style hay barn, the terrain was reasonably flat, lots of old trailers and machinery under the trees, old slabs of native timber that had been drying for a while, some stumps and plenty of rabbits holes among the trees.

 I spotted a rabbit further up near some stumps but he spooked and went to ground, I shone my light across the paddock slowly and saw a few rabbit/hare shapes completely either unaware of me or not bothered about me, they were maybe 60m away, I looked behind me and realized I could see plenty of lights from Dunedin's North East Valley and beyond, there were also a few street lights slightly above me and a few paddocks away that threw light my way and I figured the rabbits didn't think my headlight and rifle lights were any different than those shining from the city ;D It doesn't get any better than that.

I slowly and quietly walked across some damp ground until I estimated I was maybe 50m from a hare, aimed fired and he went down, I lighted in a clockwise direction and there was a rabbit, aimed fired he went down, then there was another aimed fired he went down, the rabbits were both within 40m of me in different directions, they all heard my .177 as the atmospheric conditions in this place at this time made my 7.87 gr Jsb pellet with a muzzle velocity of 950fps almost sound super sonic or it appeared that way to me. I picked up my kills for a photo session.

Number 3

I was feeling good about my adventure and thought ok time to get home for dinner, that's right its only early, I took less than 50 paces when a rabbits head popped up and bingo, I shot it.

He was small and urinated all over himself so I gutted him for the hawks and left him over a fallen pine tree.

I looked at my watch I'd been hunting 60mins, shot 3 Hares, 3 rabbits, not bad.

I walked back to my truck, saw another rabbit running away so shot him, he went over a bank but I knew i'd got him because they dont jump of banks in an awkward sideways manner so I peered over and there was suffering a nasty shot that entered in his right abdomine and ripped his stomach open and spilled his guts so I head shot him and left him there as this was just over than bank of the quarry and he might entice a ferret out for dinner, if I keep feeding them they'll keep turning up and one night/day I'll get one.

I called the farmer and gave him my tally and said I'll be back and the very next day I was.

I took one field dressed hare home and two rabbits ready for eating, I had forgotten about the two hares I'd hung up while dressing the rabbits out but I found them the next morning.

Later that night I took my son to the new hunting grounds to show him around and let him get excited, we went back to the same paddock and there was a rabbit so I shot it and my boy posed for a photo for his mum

You can see the lights of North East Valley in the distance. This will be a great property to help my son step up and get his first rabbit shoot over a bipod.

We were standing on a rural road lighting up paddocks when another farmer pulled up and had a chat, he then pointed to another area of the valley and said that's his farm block and he was keen to have me clear out his rabbits, he gave me his number and headed home.

Only 12 months ago I had no where to hunt unless Possum Shooter took me hunting, now I have about 600 acres spread across three properties and farmers pulling up and giving me their numbers ;D I love it down here.

My son had seen enough for one night so I took him home and then had some food/coffee and returned because tonight I wanted to cover as much of the property as I could and see where everything lives for future hunts.

When I arrived back I stopped at the first farm gate before the farm residence, it's a long vehicle track that goes down to a dip between paddocks, there is a creek running through it two paddocks on my left, two on my right a lot of land to cover on foot.

I walked the center of the first of the lower paddocks, saw one rabbit and shot him about 30m away

I then walked back up to the truck and drove down the track lighting every which way I could and got to a fork in the road, I went left just inside a large paddock, I saw a possum in the distance and he dissapeared, I'm not to shoot the possums on this property because they're trapped by one of the farm workers, although I've seen a number of them on the roads whilst driving this area in the past, there isn't many on the actual property, a few minutes later I saw one more, he was running along a creek and I sadly watched him reach the forestry block and disappear. then I walked the center of the paddock again and saw a number of hares and rabbits dotted around the paddock  I was shooting at them from 50-70m and kept missing them, so I sat down and shot at them over my knee, I still kept missing but they hadn't worked out what was going on, they could clearly hear my airgun but hadn't associated it with danger, in one shot I thought I saw mud flick up maybe 6-8 inches left and low of my POA, I thought to myself had my scope taken a knock as I drove down that bumping track and I realised it was very possible due to the way I'd placed my airgun in the front seat, I saw a large hare he was looking to the right and maybe 50-60m away I took a shot at him from over my knee and aimed at his head in a manner that if I was right about where my pellet was shooting I'd get him in the lower ribs as a tell tale shot and sure enough slammed him almost where I thought it would, he went down. I raced over to him and he was dead. I then made a target out of a piece of wood, rezero'd at 10-15m, rechecked at 30-35m and it was shooting straight again.

This is where it's good practice that once your airgun is sighted in at which ever range you like it which is generally 25-35m you then fire of a few shots at approx 10m and put your finger in there and see the drop at that range then if you have to rezero in the field you can rezero quickly and this is what I did, I had it about right and off I went.

I'd been rezeroing my airgun in the far bottom corner of a paddock and I slowly and quietly walked up to the rise about midway peaked over and there was a brace of rabbits, I had to shot standing so I did, the first one was at about 30m, he dropped, the next one ran and I watched through the scope and waited, he stopped I'd gave him a mil-dot of hold over on 8* and down he went, yehaa things are sorted again.

I had fired a lot of shots in this area so decided to head up the raod around the back of Mt Cargill and come in from the top, I drove in and saw one rabbit and it ran, I chased him in the truck but he didn't stop like they sometimes do and he escaped through a fence never to be seen again, I parked up near an open gate, I spooked a few hares who were close, they accelerated so fast across this paddock then went through the far fence line I didn't even bother raising my airgun for a shot, I was pretty much just enjoying the speed of these animals when they want to bug out, they can really switch it on, it was impressive.

Next I entered the turnip field, I didn't confirm seeing anything although several times I thought I saw eye-shine, some of these plants are 6 inches high others are 12 inches in height, I realised there could and probably was something out in this paddock eating I walked the fence line and lighted up the area which I could only see a part of it as it was on a slope and went out of sight. I walked down to the huge Mac's at the bottom of the field and sussed out some rabbit burrows among them, all had fresh rabbit droppings around them, fresh rabbit scrapings everywhere but no sign of anything so I headed back up to the truck, it was a fantastic view up there.

On the way out as I reached the entry/exit point of these paddocks there is another final gate to this property where I'd been shown lots of fresh sign so I thought I'll have a look there and call it a night. I walked  in and bumped into a huge Bull with huge horns on his head, he just appeared out of the scrub, I was looking for the closest fence to fly over and there it was the fence and there on the fence line was two rabbits, I glanced back at the bull and now there were 3 of them I noticed an old fallen tree ahead of me surrounded by scrub and bracken it was closer than the fence which was up a small bank so I headed for that.

Those two rabbits were very lucky, all the way to the fallen tree I could hear rabbits within 10m of me kicking around in the brush on my right which is along the hill side, there is a lot of rabbits in this area.

I saw the fallen tree and heard rabbits moving in the bracken that surrounded it also, I glanced behind me the large bull wasn't following me and up ahead was two rabbits on the track maybe 25-30m away I quickly shot the first one straight in the shoulder, down it went instantly dead, it's mate stood up high and down he went also.

I didn't want to hang around for a photo session with these bulls as they looked like huge Herefords and I know they can get stroppy so I grabbed my rabbits and bailed.

On the way home I thought I'll let the farmer know how I got on, I parked up opposite his homestead and left him a tally, I bet he was smiling when he walked out the gate, he did say I could leave them anywhere, that's his gate  ;D

I'm really looking forward to getting back on this property hopefully very soon and all weekend.