Author Topic: A little background on the NZAFTA Board of Governors  (Read 1922 times)

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A little background on the NZAFTA Board of Governors
« on: July 09, 2013, 09:31:44 AM »
This post was recently lost from a now deleted thread, as quite a bit of the information contained within that thread held relevance to ongoing issues I have resurrected my part in it here.

 The NZAFTA and its BoG is not some behind the scenes shadow group corporate super power intent on keeping the man down. There is no Secret Agenda, They are not paid to carry out the role, and I promise you - there is no glory in it.
The BoG for the NZAFTA consists of One President and three other governors, each with a specific role, They all have full time jobs in the real world and share a passion for the sport of Field Target air rifle shooting in New Zealand. They were chosen for this role and voted (whenever possible, as per the constitution) upon because they maintained an ability to be level headed and not allow their own personal goals to cloud their judgement when voting on matters affecting the sport at a National Level. The 2013 Bog are a fairly new group to this role bringing with them new ideas and solutions for the growth of this sport whilst still maintaining access to a great wealth of historical wisdom.
 All concerns raised with the BoG through the correct channels (i.e. via their club NZAFTA rep) are discussed by all governors and then a response posted by the appropriate member. The NZAFTA and its BoG does not exist to preside over individual club local activities and minor disputes, or answer to the few out there of whom like to continue to "compete" when off the range. They are there to make informed decisions that have a direct effect on the growth and wellbeing of the sport and its enthusiasts. In some cases concerns have been raised with the BoG directly about safety on a particular range and although not under the direct control of the NZAFTA the club involved contacted and recommendations made to alleviate those concerns. It pays in this instance to remember too, that the NZAFTA as a governing body do hold the final say with regards to safety concerns of a range when being used to hold any National Competition and will not sanction a match where refusal to address such concerns is made.
As for the 2014 Worlds, this is an event that we "ALL" feel passionately about and want to do well, it is on the World stage, and will allow for a good deal of us to compete in a World Class event that we might otherwise never get the chance. In truth the Steering committee for this event is still in its infancy and is collecting information quietly and methodically in an attempt to guarantee that once the ball is rolling and the full committee formed that momentum be carried on right through to the event and beyond. The BoG as a group are not responsible for the planning of the Worlds but are fielding the preliminary Q & A as best as possible until after the 2013 event, There is communication with international clubs where and when appropriate via a valued ambassador for NZ FT and he will be a key player as planning for the 2014 event becomes more aggressive. Please keep in mind that everyone will be a part of making this event a success, and that includes our international competitors as well, most of whom are right now focussed on the 2013 event of which is no less important and we cannot detract attention from. As the Timing is right, the steering committee and its extended members will be drawing on the assistance of both New Zealand and International shooters with regard to this event and I sincerely hope that they will have your backing.
Enough of hearsay and rumours, letís all keep it above board and keep personal agenda's from weakening our sport in its infancy, our true goals for the expansion of this sport should be on the enjoyment and camaraderie experienced on the shooting line and the fun we can all draw from club and interclub events Ė there are no prizes or winners from behind the scenes battles on forums where the goals are undefined and the politics detrimental to attracting more people to our sport.
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