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Other modifications.
« on: July 21, 2013, 01:18:42 PM »
Crosman Quest .22
This rifle had the spring removed and a gas ram fitted. The trigger was replaced with an aftermarket one called a GRT. GRT stands for Gamo replacement trigger but they will fit other brands of rifle.
The stock was refinished with a Walnut stain,  a hamster was fitted, the butt pad was extended and lowered and the cheekrest raised. The rifle shoots JSB Exact .22 at 680 eet per second; about 15 foot pounds.

The stock was reshaped forming a thumb grip and a palm swell for right handed shooters, allowing a more comfortable hold, and changing the position of the right hand - reducing fatigue.

The imagination took over what started as a quick fix to cull a few rabbits and birds and it developed further. A barrel weight weighing 655 grams was turned up out of a stainless steel .308 target barrel. That addition resulted in much less recoil, a lot less barrel flip on discharge: the balance point moved 150mm forward which made the rifle steady for offhand shooting.

The next stage was to coat the stock in carbon fibre, adding strength without the addition of more weight in the wrong places. The carbon coating also means it can take the knocks and scratches either on the course, or out in the paddocks.

A simple modification
The rifle below has been modified in a simple manner but requiring great skill. It is an FX Typhoon that has had the synthetic stock replaced with a handmade walnut sporting style stock for a left handed shooter. The muzzle has been dressed with a nicely made weight.

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