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BSA Super Meteor
« on: July 21, 2013, 04:16:23 PM »
This rifle was bought at a clearing sale for $100 with the aim of refurbishing it.

It was in rough condition with damage to the finish on the metal parts and the wooden stock. It was barely firing but worth restoring.

An adapter was made for a spring spring compressor and the rifle was dismantled. It was clear it had been apart in the recent past as the piston buffer and seal and breachseal were like new. The problem seemed to be that whoever did the work last time used the wrong lubrication. The seal and piston were covered in a thick layer of hard grease.
It took a bit of effort to get the piston out because it was stuck in.

The plan was to polish all the internal parts then sleeve the spring guide and piston; lubricate everything properly and reassemble.

After another inspection while cleaning and starting to polish parts the end of the piston was found to be really tight in the receiver. The piston needed a little bit turned of it to gain some clearance.
The seals were in good enough condition to re-use.The receiver was measured to ensure it was not distorted and a small high spot on the piston was ground off.

All the paint was stripped off the receiver and barrel and the varnish off the stock.
The stock was steamed with a household iron and that removed all but one dent from it. It was then sanded carefully ready to be stained..


Stained with Dilmah tea

The receiver and barrel were spray painted with black high gloss zinc paint. Just like the new BSA Meteor rifles of that vintage. The other parts cleaned and polished.

The stock with a fresh coat of varnish.

The rifle was re-assembled and now is nicely finished  and looks like a new one. It has been claimed by one of the family and is used regulalry.  It is a pleasure to use and will keep shooting for years to come.

With enthusiasm, not much money, and some interesting labour a rough rifle has been turned into something that that would compliment any collectors cupboard.

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