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Common Terminology.
« on: September 05, 2013, 09:47:22 AM »
Barrel brake - A weight on the muzzle to add inertia to the barrel.
Break barrel - A rifle that breaks in the middle for cocking and loading.
Bore - The hole in the centre of the barrel that the pellet is shot through.
Breech- the part where the pellet is loaded.
Breech block- The block of metal or plastic that holds the barrel end where the pellet is inserted.
Breech seal. the small synthetic o ring the stops air leaking out of the breach on firing.
Butt - the very back end of the gun.
Butt plate - Decorative or functional trim on the end of the butt.
Butt hook - A wooden or synthetic extension aft of the butt that hooks under the arm pit to steady aiming.
Foresight - the sight at the muzzle end of the barrel.
To cock - to prepare the firing mechanism for activation.
Cocking lever - the lever that connects to the piston and forces it back against the main spring to compress it.
Dieseling - the effect of hydrocarbon based lubricant in front of the piston seal being subject to heat and pressure on release of the piston causing it to ignite and add force to the compressed air.
FPE Foot pounds energy; a measure of the power of a rifle.
FPS - feet per second; a measure of the velocity of a pellet.
Gas Ram - an alternative to a spring in which a cylinder of captive gas is compressed and on release powers a plunger that in turn powers the piston.
Iron sights - often made of plastic but the manufacturer provided sights on most rifles.
To load - to insert a pellet in the breach.
Length of pull - the distance from the trigger to the aft end of the stock.
Main spring - the powerful spring that provides the energy for firing.
Mil dots - Little dots on the cross hairs of telescopic sight. distance between dots is one MOA. 
MOA (Milradians of angle)
Moderator - a tube added to the end of the barrel to reduce noise of discharge.
Monte carlo stock - a butt with a raised comb to raise the cheek/eye high to see through telescopic sight.
Muzzle- the hole in the end of barrel where the pellet comes out.
Optical Centre. The position of the point of aim indicated by the telescopic sight after but elevation and windage screw adjusters have been wound all the way to one extreme and the wound back half way.
PCP - pre-charged pneumatic
Pellet- the slim waisted lead projectile that the airgun shoots.
Pistol grip - the part where the fingers of the trigger hand hold the stock.
Point of aim (POA) - the spot the sights are aimed at.
Point of impact (POI) - the spot that the pellet hits.
Probe - a rod that pushes the pellet into the breach.
Rear spring guide - the rod inside the receiver that the spring is compressed over when the rifle is cocked.
Rear sight - the one closest to the eye.
Receiver - the tubular part in which the spring and piston work.
Regulator - a device on a PCP  rifle that delivers air to the breach at a predetermined pressure.
Reticule - the pattern overlayed by the telescopic sight on the target.
Sight picture - the view through the telescopic sight of what you are shooting at.
Safety Catch - the lever button or nob that prevents the trigger from working.
Springer - a spring powered air gun.
Stock- the wood or plastic part that is used to hold metal part to the shoulder.
Sweep - the volume covered by the travel of the piston in a spring powered gun.
Top Hat - a piece of steel so shaped that fits inside the front of the main spring; also known as the front spring guide.
Trigger - the small leaver that operates the firing mechanism.
Trigger guard - the band of steel or plastic that encircles the trigger.
Trigger first pressure - the first part of the trigger travel felt until stouter resistance is felt.
Trigger second pressure - the pressure felt as the trigger is squeezed to make the gun fire.
Telescopic sight - a device resembling a telescope in which is mounted a sighting device and sight adjustment screws. A focusing device at the eye end and often at the other end.
Ocular lens - the one that the eye looks through.
Objective lens - the one faces the object being viewed.
Piston - the steel weight that is propelled by the spring to compress air.
Piston seal - the synthetic or leather seal that stops air leaking back past the piston.
Elevation - sight distance above target.
Windage - sight distance either side of the target.  (Affected by wind)
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Re: Common Terminology.
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