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Discussion Re Import permits and Firearms license
« on: October 27, 2013, 09:54:17 PM »
There may not be much of a problem at all. With spring powered air rifles at least because they are not firearms and do not need any licence in NZ. Because they are not firearms they are not subject to special laws relating to leaving unattended in motor vehicles and possession does not require inspection of storage facilities such as is required with the granting of a firearms licence.

On top of that you do not need an import permit to import an air rifle but you do for an air pistol or a firearm.

With respect to PCP rifles; they are not firearms by definition under New Zealand law. They were declared by Order in Council to be specially dangerous airguns and I think it became a restricted weapon. That was a result of a police officer being killed by one.They were not declared to be a firearm as far as I am aware.

There was at the same time a legal requirement to become a firearms licence holder to legally possess a PCP. That requirement I understand became law by amendment to the Arms Regulations 1992. There is no mention of the firearms licence regulation for PCP airguns in the July 2013 reprint of the regulations. However there is a header that states that all amendments may not have been incorporated so maybe it is yet to be included and in the meantime we know not what the wording is. I doubt that it will legally make a pcp into a firearm because that would make a mockery of the definition of a firearm in the Arms Act 1983. 

I suppose I should get hold of Police headquarters and get a copy of the wording. In fact I will after the holiday weekend.   That should clear up that point in case it says that a pcp is to be treated or regarded as a firearm without actually being declared to be a firearm.

As far as the licence and import permit are concerned, that applies to firearms and not airguns. Anyway it is dead simple and should pose no problems should any visitor chose to so apply. The only problem I see is the toggle to the next page produces another almost identical document ad infinitum.  That could just be my computer asserting its' own cantankerous personality. Anyway the import permit and visitors licence is the same piece of paper so for pcps visitors will need the licence part just as we need a licence.

My guess is that the only difficulty visitors will encounter will be custom officers who will have no or little knowledge of the law. When visitors approach NZ they will be given an immigation form or an entry form on which they will be obliged to declare that they are carrying a weapon. That automatically puts them into a different queue for customs search and that can take time and the customs officer will see a gun and call for police to take over. That time delay can cause visitors to miss connecting flights all because a customs officer doesn't know. 

It can't be that hard because many tourists come here to shoot game animals; some bring their own guns but some have them provided by the guide in the tourist hunting package and some New Zealanders hire guns overseas when hunting just to get round the import funnies in other places. Many bring target rifles here to shoot the Ballinger Belt contest.

I think that is the way things stand but time will tell.
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Re: Discussion Re Import permits and Firearms license
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